Paul Schmitthenner

Paul Schmitthenner (* 15. December 1884 in loud castle in the Elsass; † 11. November 1972 in Munich) was a German architect and university teacher.


1902-07 architecture study in Karlsruhe and Munich, then to 1909 directors/conductors of the building construction office in Colmar. 1909-11 coworkers in the office smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Riemerschmids in Munich. 1913-1918 town construction for the office for realm of the inside. 1918 it was appointed as the full professor for building construction and sketching to the technical university Stuttgart. Between the two world wars he was a representative of the “first” Stuttgart school. 1928 joint founders of the architect combination “block” (conservative architects in contrast to that 1924 of prominent representatives of the modern trend created “ring”). 1932 published Schmitthenner the book “the German house”.

1933 joined Schmitthenner of the NSDAP and became briefly first building master of the third realm. 1941 it turned away with its critical lecture “the gentle law in the art in particular in the architecture” from at that time usual monumental architecture. it lived 1944 in lock Kilchberg with Tübingen. After that 2. World war it was suspended by the university. Starting from 1949 Schmitthenner was member of the Bavarian academy of the beautiful arts. 1952 honour citizens of Tübingen, 1953, 1971 emeritiert to Munich moved.


  • 1911-13 garden-urban Villenkolonie Carlo joke with Breslau
  • 1914-17 garden city Staaken in Berlin
  • 1915-18 garden city Plaue with Brandenburg (for the workers of the royal powder factory in Kirchmöser)
  • Kassel forest field
  • starting from 1922 of various single family houses in Stuttgart
  • 1925 German Auslandsinstitut at the Stuttgart Charlottenplatz
  • 1928/29 Gagfah 'attempt and research settlement, Berlin Zehlendorf ', inclusive “Architect garden”, at the fish valley 4
  • 1930 high stone school (now Robert bosch school) in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen
  • 1933 cooking yard settlement in Stuttgart
  • 1934 draft for the German exhibition pavilion to the world exhibition in Brussels 1935 (rejected from Hitler)
  • 1946-1949 reconstruction planning for joy city
  • 1947-1949 reconstruction planning for Mainz
  • 1950 queen Olga building in Stuttgart
  • 1955-1958 city hall in Hechingen
  • 1958/59 school in Kilchberg with Tübingen

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