Paul Sorauer

Paul Sorauer (* 9. June 1839 in Breslau) was Botaniker.

He learned daselbst the market garden, heard at the same time botanische lectures, went to further practical training to Berlin, Brussels, Paris and London, lived one year in Donaueschingen and studied then 1864-68 in Berlin natural science, particularly Botanik.

He worked as an assistant in Karstens plant-physiological Institut and dedicated his investigations from now on excluding the Phytopathologie. It began lectures on this discipline at agricultural Institut in Berlin, went however soon as an assistant to light latch plate into Dahme and followed 1871 a call to pomologische Institut in Proslau. Here it established first to the horticulture particularly dedicated botanische research station and did not seek in particular up to then nearly unconsidered the not parasitic diseases of the plants remained to investigate.


it wrote: “Manual of the plant diseases” (2. Aufl., Berl. 1887, 2 Bde. ; in addition the “Atlas”, 1887 FF.); “The fruit tree diseases” (that. 1878); “Investigations on the Ringelkrankheit and the soot rope of the hyacinths” (Leipz. 1878); “The damage of the native cultivated plants by parasite etc.” (Berl. 1888).

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