Paul Spiegel

Paul Spiegel

Paul Spiegel (* 31. December 1937 in goods village (cathedral country); † 30. April 2006 in Duesseldorf) was a German journalist and entrepreneur. Paul Spiegel was since 2000 a president of the Central Council of the Jews in Germany.

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Paul Spiegel into a westfälische family by cattle dealers one bore. After the LV - seizure of power fled the family first to Brussels. Mirror survived the Holocaust in Flanders, where itby a farmer family one hid. Before its sister had been arrested during a raid in Brussels; she died in a concentration camp . Its father survived the concentration camps beech forest, Auschwitz and DAK-strikes. 1945 returned the family to goods village; Paul Spiegel terminated hereits education. It describes these events in its book again at home?.

In the year 1958 it began a Volontariat during „the general Jewish weekly paper “in Duesseldorf. With this newspaper it was active until 1965 also as an editor. Into the 1960er-Jahren workedit also still for different other newspapers, like „the Montrealer message “, „Nieuw Israeli table Weekblad “(Amsterdam), „new world “(Vienna), „Jewish ones round-look Maccabi “(Basel), „noon “(Duesseldorf), „new Rhine newspaper “(Duesseldorf), „Westfäli round-look “(Dortmund). In the years 1973 and 1974 he was editor-in-chief of the magazine „mode andLive “. Afterwards it led twelve years long the public work of the Rheini savings bank and Giroverbands (RSGV) in Duesseldorf. it created 1986 with Initative of the TV-moderator Hans Rosenthal an artist and a medium agency, with whom it and others Birgit Schrowange represented.

1964 he married Gisèle sparrow, with thatit two daughters had.

Paul Spiegel died in the morning hours 30. April 2006 in Duesseldorf, after it already at the 3. February of the yearly a cardiac infarct had suffered and besides a pneumonia had tightened themselves and thereupon of the physicians in the hospital into an artificial comashifted was.< ref>Paul Spiegel is dead. Mirror-on-line of 30. April 2006. </ref>

Public offices

Paul Spiegel was since 1967 member of the local council of the Jewish municipality Duesseldorf. 1978 it became member of the board there and was from 1984 to 2002 of chairmen of the local council of the Jewish municipality Duesseldorf. 1989mirror was appointed as a member of the board of directors of the Central Council of the Jews in Germany and transferred in the years 1989 to 2000 the presidency of the central welfare place of the Jews to Germany. 1993 became the Social Democrat Paul Spiegel member and vice-president of the executive of the Central Council of the Jews inGermany.1995 he took over the presidency of the regional organization of the Jewish municipalities of North Rhine-Westphalia. As a successor of Ignatz Bubis it became to 9. January 2000 president of the Central Council of the Jews in Germany.

Into its term of office as a Central Council president the conclusion first fell in January 2003State contract between Central Council and the German Federal Government as well as the first attendance of an Israeli president during a synagog opening on German soil.

Since 1991 was Paul Spiegel member of the WDR broadcast council.




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