Paul Tibbets

Paul Tibbet schaut aus der Enola Gay kurz vor dem Start, 6. August 1945
Paul Tibbet looks from the Enola Gay briefly before the start, 6. August 1945

Paul Warfield Tibbets, Jr. (* 23. February 1915 in Quincy, Illinois) was Colonel of US air Force during the Second World War. To 6. August 1945 it led the first employment of an atom bomb over inhabited area in mankind history. Tibbets was a pilot of the B-29 - bomber Enola Gay (designated after Tibbets nut/mother), from which around 8:15 clock the atom bomb Little Boy was thrown off on the Japanese city Hiroshima. With the attack died between 90.000 and 200.000 humans.

Paul Tibbets was honoured with numerous honors (under it PUR-polarize Heart) and remained until 1966 in US air Force. it separated 1969 as a Brigadier General from the US-Army. 1975 he became vice-president in Columbus (Ohio) of the residents air taxi company executive jet aviation.

A grandchild by Paul W. Tibbets Jr. named Paul Tibbets flies the Northrop B-2 „mirror-image-guessed/advised “ the 509th Bomb Wing on the base Whiteman AFB to Missouri.

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