Paul Wittgenstein

Paul Wittgenstein (* 11. May 1887 in Vienna; † 3. March 1961 in New York) was a Austrian pianist. It is not to confound with the mathematician of same name and nephew of Ludwig joke gene stone, geb. 1907, which in the work „joke gene stone nephew “of the writer Thomas Bernhard is porträtiert.

Joke gene stone was born in Vienna as a son of the Industriellen Karl joke gene stone, it had eight brothers and sisters. Two years later his brother, the later philosopher Ludwig joke gene stone was born. Its parents' house was often visited by prominent personalities from the culture life, among them the composers Johannes Brahms, Gustav of meals and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations bunch, with which young Paul Duette played.

Paul Wittgenstein studied with Malvine Bree and later with the Polish Virtuosen Theodor Leschetizky. It debütierte 1913 and some noteworthy reviews over it was written. In the next year the 1 broke. World war out and it was called up into the military service. It was wounded and amputiert with an attack in Poland of Russian soldiers taken prisoner, its right arm. During its recovery it decided to continue its career, under use only the left hand.

To the war joke gene stone converted its plans, studied intensively, arranged pieces for the left hand alone and learned new pieces, which were written by its old teacher Josef laboratory (that was blind) for it. It began to give concerts and soon famous and was respected. It reached then more famous composers and asked it for pieces. Benjamin Britten (various ion for piano and orchestra), Paul Hindemith, Franz Schmidt, Erich Wolfgang grain gold and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations bunch (Parergon and Panathenäenzug) wrote pieces for it. Maurice Ravel wrote the meanwhile very famous concert D major for the left hand, Sergej Prokofjew dedicated to him its 4. Piano concert, this loved joke gene stone however and did not play it never publicly.

Many of these pieces are still often played by two-handled pianists. They were played also by pianists, who likewise lost the use of their right hand, so e.g. Leon butcher

the family joke gene stone was before converted to the Christianity some generations, but by their Jewish roots they were classified under the Nürnberger laws as Jews. After the propagation of the NSDAP and the Annexion of Austria Paul tried to convince its two sisters to leave Vienna (Ludwig already lived for some years in England), but it refused. They hung too much on their homeland and did not believe not that so an outstanding family was in real danger. Paul, to which longer one did not permit, publicly to konzertieren, emigrierte 1938 into the USA. From there out it succeeded to receive Paul and Ludwig over the family ability and different relations a not-Jewish status for its sisters.

Paul became 1946 American citizen. He spent there the remainder of his life, mainly informing. It died 1961 in New York.

John Barchilon wrote a novel named “The Crown Prince”, based on joke gene stone lives.

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