Paul Yü pin

Paul Kardinal Yü pin (* 13. April 1901 in shark lun, China; † 16. August 1978 in Rome) was archbishop of Nanking.


Paul Yü pin studied the fan catholic theology and philosophy in Shanghai , Rome , Perugia and Kirin. It received to 22. December 1928 the Sakrament of the Priesterweihe. From 1929 to 1933 he worked as an university teacher in Rome, from 1933 to 1936 was he a director and inspector general for the catholic schools in China. 1936 appointed it Pope Pius XI. to the Titularbischof of Sozusa in Palestine and Apostoli Vikar of Nanking. 1946 became Paul Yü pin first archbishop of Nanking. In the year 1949 the communist ruling powers of China forced it to leaving its ore diocese. 1961 became Paul Yü pin rector of the Fujen university on Taiwan, in the years 1962 to 1965 participated it in the second Vatikani council . Pope Paul VI. 1969 accepted it as a cardinal priest with the title church Gesù Divin Lavoratore to the Kardinalskollegium . Paul Yü pin died to 16. August 1978 in Rome in the process of the first Konklaves of this yearly. It was bestattet in the cathedral by Taipei.


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