Paula Radcliffe

Paula Radcliffe with the London Marathon 2005
Paula Radcliffe briefly before the goal in the marathon race with the athlete IC world championship 2005 in Helsinki.

Paula Jane Radcliffe (* 17. December 1973 in Northwich, England) is a British Langstreckenläuferin.

It holds the world record in the marathon race, it with the London Marathon 2003 with a time of 2:15: 25 hours set up.


Radcliffe achieved its first successes in the CROSS run, under it the title of the junior world champion 1992. After it had to pausieren during the 1994er season injury and a career end considered, it succeeded to it in the subsequent years, with a number of respectable results in 5000 - and 10.000-Meter-Lauf also on the course on itself to make attentive.

Already soon it appeared that you would remain refused completely large successes due to missing final speed. Repeated it was competitor inside übersprintet after long guidance on the conclusion round of. With most large Leichtathletik - Events, which denied her, had to be content it with placements outside of medal ranks. So also with the olympic plays 2000 in Sydney, when it reserved a disappointing fourth seat over 10,000 meters only. It had led 24 of the 25 rounds, had been overhauled however on the last meters of the Siegerin Derartu Tulu as well as Gete Wami and Fernanda Ribeiro.

Only with the European championships 2002 in Munich she could disprove the Skeptiker, by winning the gold medal over 10,000 meters. Nevertheless it - not last also regarding the only there absent African competition - drew the obvious conclusion from the experiences to dedicate itself in the future mainly to the marathon race: On the longer distance its fortune could be out-played for even, efficient force organization better.

Already before the EM it had won and let the London Marathon now a victory with the Chicago Marathon follow. 2003 triumphierte it a further mark in London and crowned success with the new world record time of 2:15: 25.

As large disappointment she experienced the olympic plays 2004 in Athens, where she had to give few kilometers up before the goal weakly. The reason for the sudden trip in the running process was so late a sensitive reaction of the stomach to a resolvent, which was given to it briefly for the treatment of one before the tournament suffered injury. Doubt about their form let it grow silent with its victory with the new York Marathon still in the same season.

The year 2005 just as successfully rang it and became fair the third time of its favorite role with the London Marathon.

With the athlete IC world championship 2005 in Helsinki it went in the two longest run disciplines to the start. Over 10,000 meters she tried it first again with a speed run from the front, could this however only up to the half of the distance. It held still up to the beginning of the conclusion round the connection to the top group, for the final Sprint of the four äthiopischen runner inside followed it however and did not become at the end ninth. Their actual ambitions applied for the marathon race however anyway. Logically it ran there unquestioned to the victory - their first with a large international championship.

With its six first places from seven starts it applies since then as one of the most successful marathoners at all.

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