Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio Dosamantes (* 17. June 1971 in Mexico city) is a Mexican singer of the Latin Pop.

She is the daughter of Susana Dosamantes, a Mexican actress.

Rubios music is mainly in Latin America and in the USA under that Spanish speaking population very well-known.

It began its career 1980 at the age of nine years. It had their debut appearance with a group of music named Timbiriche, which belonged it from 1982 to 1991 and took up with that it about to ten cartridges. In the same group also the singer and actress Thalía sang from 1986 to 1989.

Afterwards Paulina began to appear as an actress in Telenovelas on the Mexican television. Their first television role played it 1988 in the series of Pasión y Poder (passion and power).

In the year 1991 Rubio Timbiriche left and concentrated on its solo career. In the same year it played in Baila Conmigo. 1994 had it their first appearance in the Mexican cinema in the film Bésame EN la Boca and 1995 in Pobre Niña Rica.

1992 published it its first solo CD La Chica Dorada, 1993 24 Kilates, 1995 El Tiempo it Oro, 1996 Planeta Paulina and 2000 Paulina. The album Paulina was nominated with Latin Grammy Awards 2000 for a Grammy. In the year 2002 it published its first English-language album with Border Girl. 2004 appeared their last album Pau latina. The Pau is the Catalan word for peace. With Paulatina Rubio received the Spanish Equivalent to the Grammy, to the Premio Lo Nuestro as a best female artist of the yearly.


  • La Chica Dorada (1992) of 550,000 sold clay/tone carriers
  • 24 Kilates (1993) of 400,000 sold clay/tone carriers
  • El Tiempo it Oro (1995) of 300,000 sold clay/tone carriers
  • Planeta Paulina (1996) of 400,000 sold clay/tone carriers
  • Paulina (2000) 4,6 million of sold clay/tone carriers
  • Top hit (2001) of 700,000 sold clay/tone carriers
  • Vive el Verano (2001) 150,000 sold to clay/tone carrier
  • I'm in such a way in Love (Enamorada) (2001) viva la 3,5
  • million of sold clay/tone carriers Pau latina (2004) 2,5 million
  • clay/tone carrier [work on ] sold 750,000 sold clay/tone carriers 30
  • Exitos Insuperables (2003) of 350,000 sold clay/tone carriers to Diva
  • ( 2004) of 700,000 sold clay/tone carriers Border Girl


  • Don´t Say Goodbye - US-Billboard Charts at place 41
  • The One You Love - US-Billboard Charts at place 97

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