the majority of the letters or Episteln of the new will of the Bible have the Apostel Paulus of Tarsos as an author. These letters, which stand in the order today at the beginning of the Episteln, are called Paulusbriefe or paulinische letters. In , The Paulusbriefe stood for antiquity, and today still in some east churches against it usually after the so-called catholic letters. (Catholic meant here as much as “general” and nothing has with the catholic church to do) in this connection.

It actsitself in detail around

wrote the shank letters, the Paulus as a prisoner ( in Rome , Caesarea or Ephesus)


Titus also the letter to the Hebräer is called letter of Paulus.

Conservative one Arms see Paulus as an author of the Paulusbriefe (discussion for this), liberal arm doubt those to author shank of Paulus with some these letters. Those with (*) marked letters are generally considered as undisputed.

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