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base data
region: Lombardei
province: Pavia
geographical situation:

Coordinates: 45° 11 ' N 9° 09 ' O
45° 11 ' N 9° 09 ' O

height: 59 m and. NN
surface: 62.90 km ²
inhabitants: 71.074 (31. December 2002)
Population density: 1130 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 27100
preselection: 0382
Kfz characteristics: Test specification
of the city administration:
Comune di Pavia
Piazza Municipio, 2
27100 Pavia (test specification)
telephone +39 0382-3991
official Website:
E-Mail - address:

Pavia (German older also: Pawei) is oneCity in the southwest Lombardei, been in the north of Italy, about 35 kilometers south of Milan because of the river Ticino.

Pavia is the capital of the fruitful province of the same name, admits for its agricultural products as wines, rice, grain and dairy products. Several industrial areaslie in the suburbs Pavias. The city accommodates one of the oldest universities of Europe, the University of Pavia.

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in the before-Roman time was already the city at that time Ticinum Papiæa larger settlement and later in the Roman realm fastened garrison.

Finally the garrison was converted to the citadel and was the last bulwark of the Goten. After conquest by the Langobarden Pavia became the capital their realm, which was successfully besieged by Karl the large one.To in 12. Century inside remained Pavia however capital of the Regnum Italicum.

In the following centuries Pavia belonged to the most important cities of Italy. In the year 1359 it was conquered by the family of the Visconti, the rulers of Milan and became a center of the northItalianArt and science;1361 were furnished the first chair at the university. Students of the Christian countries of Europe flowed to north Italy.

During that bourbonisch - Franz I. led habsburgischen war around Italy with the defeat and the capture of king. of France in the battle ofPavia 1525 to a Spanish occupation, which persisted until 1713. Pavia was governed by Austrian poet acts to 1796, when it finally came into the hands of the French army under Napoleon.

1815 were repaired the Austrian administration, to the second Italian war of independence 1859 and thosein the year after the following combination of Italy followed.

objects of interest

Piazza Vittoria mit Blick auf die Kuppel des Doms
Piazza Vittoria with view of the dome of the cathedral
San Michele
San Michele
Fassade der Certosa di Pavia
front of the Certosa di Pavia
  • central university University of
  • church San Michele: In this church Karl became the large one after defeating the Langobardento their king crowned. The Roman sandstone front, which weathered however in the last years by environmental influences strongly, is remarkable.
  • Church San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro: Here the Gebeine of the holy Augustinus is buried since the respected century.
  • Castello Visconteo
  • Ponte Coperto
  • Certosa thosePavia
  • from the Middle Ages received sex towers

of sons and daughters of the city

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