Pacific ocean

Karte des Pazifischen Ozeans
map of the Pacific ocean

the Pacific ocean, also Pacific, Pacific Ocean or large ocean mentioned (too lat. pacificus = peace) is closing with a surface of 179,7 millions km ² the largest ocean of the earth; witha maximum depth of 11.034 m (in the Marianengraben) it is at the same time also the deepest.

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the Pacific, thaton the west and east hemisphere of the earth , lies between the arctic in the north, North America finds in the northeast (see. Pacific northwest), Central America in the east, South America in the southeast, the Antarctic in the south, Australia in the southwest, Ozeanien in the west and Asia inNorthwest (see.Northwest Pacific area). In the north it borders on the Arctic ocean, in the south on the Antarctic Ocean.


the surface of the Pacific ocean 179.7 millions amount to km ², which approximately 35 per cent of the entire earth's surface,half of the sea surface of the earth and thus more than all continents together constitute. The water volume amounts to 723.7 millions km ³. During its middle depth 4,028 m (other data see here) amounts to, is its deepest place about 11.034 m under NN (see below).

bottom of the sea

within the Pacific and/or. on its basin soil are partly high and elongated midocean backs, many lower thresholds, enormous deep sea basins, deep sea gutters, different sea lows and the Pacific Feuerring.

to the midocean backs belongs in particular the East Pacific back, which draws itself by the southeast Pacific Ocean . To the deep sea gutters and/or. The Marianengraben with its 11,034 m Witjastief 1 which is under NN , which, belongs to sea lowsthe deepest place of the Pacific represents. To the deep sea basins the extremely large northPacific basin, which constitutes the majority of the northern Pacific , belongs to only little toward the south even beyond the equator is enough and from midocean moving and swelling pulled through is.

At the Pacific Feuerring (English. Ring OF Fire), a by far-lengthened ring running around the ocean by active volcanos connected with deep sea gutters (ditch break zones - see plate tectonics), characteristically some the most enormous earthquakes 20 found. Century instead of (z.B.1960 in Chile and 1923 in the Japanese city Kobe). A further danger are sea-quake, with destroying effect can release which meter-high tsunami (see Tsunami).


the countless islands of the South Seas become moreafter cultural as on the basis of geographical criteria into the archipelagoes Melanesien, Polynesien and Mikronesien divides.


most marginal seas of the Pacific are appropriate for Australian side before that asiatically - and become to the ocean by a chain of Islands and deep sea ditches separately.

Marginal seas Pacific are: Beringmeer, Ochotski sea, Japanese sea /Ostmeer, eastChinese sea, southChinese sea (a part of the Australasiati Mediterranean), Tasmansee, gulf of California, gulf of Alaska, Korallenmeer.

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coordinates: 6° n. Break, 157° w. L.


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