Peissen (hall circle)

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Land of the Federal Republic: Saxonia-Anhalt
district: Hall circle
surface: 10.34 km ²
inhabitants: 1.140 (TT.MM.JJJJ)
population density: 110 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 97 m and. NN
postal zip codes: 06188
city arrangement: 4 local parts
of the local administration:
Trade center 1
06188 Peissen
official Website:
E-Mail address:
mayor: Franc proud mountain
(citizen for Peissen)

Peissen is a municipality in the hall circle with resounds (Saale).

The municipality in the northeast of resounds, directly bordering on the city, is divided into the four local parts Peissen, Rabatz, burin village and Zöberitz.

Table of contents

culture and objects of interest

regular meetings

of the Peissener carnival in February are legendary. Also the sport celebration of the TSG Peissen finds annual 1950 registered association. instead of. The Zöberitzer celebrates the Christmas tree burn in January with a Grog, is at Easter at the fire together and meets then in the summer to the pond celebration again.

economics and infrastructure


the local parts are separated by the federal highway B100, the motorway BAB A14 and several lines (resounds (Saale ) - Magdeburg , resounds (Saale ) - Berlin and resounds (Saale ) - to hurrying castle). Zöberitz (distance resounds (Saale) - Magdeburg ) and Peissen (distance resounds (Saale) - hurrying castle) possess a critical point and thus a railway connection.

On the area the common one is the connection point 17 ((Saale), Peissen resounds), removed as four-leaf clover sheet, to A 14.

resident enterprise

the firm's structure is coined/shaped by large shopping centre in traffic-most favorable layer (B100, A14). Beside the agrarian cooperative still producing trade and further trading ventures. Crafts enterprises supplement the offer.


irregular several times the Reidepost with information from the local council and reports over meetings in the municipality appears and/or in the year. of associations.

public mechanisms

the fire-brigade is accommodated at two locations (Peissen, Zöberitz). Singing artists united in the mixed choir. Sporty activities become of Sportverein TSG Peissen 1950 registered association. bundled.

The members of the Peissener chronicler registered association. regenerate history. Further associations are the youth association High Risk as well as the BfP - citizens for Peissen.


in the municipality gives it still another kindergarten as well as a primary school.


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