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Pelé (* 23. October 1940 in Três Corações; actually Edson era width unit DO Nascimento) is a Brazilian football player. To many it is considered as the best soccer player of history. Allegedly could it see, in which direction the opponent would move, before this had begun the movement. Of the FIFA Pelé was selected to the world soccer player of the past century.

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Pelé is the son of a poor province soccer player. He learned the soccer gameon the road.

Its soccer player career began with the fiber plastic Santos. Ten months later it stepped for the first time internationally on the first staircase. With the world championship 1958 in Sweden it with Brazil world champion became. At that time it was straight 17 years old; there is a younger world champion totoday not. It won still two further world championships, i.e. the WM 1962 and the WM with Brazil 1970. it was missing to 1962 injury with some plays of the WM. Also in the WM-tournament 1966, when Brazil already separated in the Vorrunde, injuries put it occasionally out of action.

It played until 1974 with the fiber plastic Santos and shot for the club 1,088 gates in 1.114 plays. To 19. November 1969 it shot its thousandth gate in the Maracanã stadium. From cause of this record in Brazil a special stamp was published. The president approved a holiday.

Pelé terminatedits career in New York, where it played from 1974 to 1977 at the there club New York Cosmos. In the good list of the WM-goal scorers it occupies with 12 gates the 3. Place. As only players became he with its crew three times world champion.

At the endits career (1977) it had obtained altogether 1,281 gates in 1.363 plays. Pelé shot so far the most gates (after his compatriot Arthur Friedenreich). In the 92 employments for the Brazilian national team it obtained 77 gates.

1994 appointed it the freshly selectedPresident of Brazil Fernando Henrique Cardoso to the extraordinary sport Minister.

1999 selected it the international olympic committee to the sportsman of the century. He is an Ambassador of the UNESCO.

In November 2005 Pelé became honour member of the soccer association red white meal. With award of the member document Pelé said: “It is for me a large honour to belong now to the association in which the “Boss” Helmut Rahn played. “

quotations over Pelé

  • “Pelé was the largest one of football history, and it is it also still.” Franz basin farmer
  • “even the ball asked Pelé for an autograph.”Brazilian football reporter
  • of “one of the most ingenious soccer players of all times.” Franz Aigner

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