Pensacola (Florida)

Base data
US Federal State: Florida, flat steel bar
County: Escambia County
surface: 102.7 km ²
inhabitants: 55.100 (conditions: 2004)
Population density: 459.2 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 10 m and. NN
postal zip codes: 32501 - 508,
32514, 32526, 32534
preselection: 001,850
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 30° 26 ' n. B.
87° 12 ' w. L.
30° 26 ' n. B.
87° 12 ' w. L.
of the city administration:
Town center OF Pensacola
180 Governmental center
P.O. Box 12910
Pensacola, flat steel bar 32502
official Website: Homepage of the city
E-Mail address:

Pensacola is a city in the Escambia County in the US Federal State Florida, the USA, with 55.000 inhabitants (conditions: 2004 and are seat of the County administration). The city has a size of 102,7 km ².

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Pensacola lies in the northwest of Florida and has a sea port in the Pensacola Bay, which makes the connection to the gulf of Mexico. The naval pilot base (Naval air station Pensacola), is among other things the homeland of the navy Flugshow team Blue Angels. The moreover the US Navy research lab is in Pensacola.

the cities are appropriate for neighbourhood in the closer neighbourhood (to 20 km): Goulding, Brent, west Pensacola, Ferry passport, Gulf Breeze, Bellview, Myrtle Grove and being ring clay/tone.


Pensacola was the first settlement of Europeans, which belongs to the USA, and 1559 by Don Tristan de Luna and its Spanish settlers was already based, who put on with 7 ships and approximately 1,550 soldiers. After it the place was destroyed briefly by a strong tempest. For this reason many humans pc. hold. Augustine, Florida, for first of Europeans settled place in the USA.

1763 went the city to the British over and in the subsequent years the port were continued to develop. 1784 first privately financed dock finished placed and the trade with England began.

1821 instructed John Quincy Adam the building of several Forts as well as the building of one threw for the building of warships. This caused an enormous upswing in the wood procurement and - processing. 1851 left the first charge with building timber in strange order the port.

The area around Pensacola is the situation place of 3 historical Forts: Away Pickens, away Barrancas and away McRee. Away Pickens was finished placed 1834. As itself Florida to 10. January 1861 of the north states loose-said, came the Konföderierten from the evacuated away Pickens into the city and held these by May 1862. From 1885 to 1887 the notorious chieftain of the Apachen Geronimo was imprisoned in away the Pickens.

In the years 1875 to 1895 Pensacola was one of the most important wood envelope places. In this time about 1,1 billion left current meters wood the port. Other considerable export goods were cotton, phosphates, grain, tobacco, flour, resin, turpentine as well as coal and iron.

Pensacola 1885

1882 was finished placed the railway line after Jacksonville and the produced goods could be sent away also on the Landweg, which brought a further upswing with itself. At this time the city had already 13,000 inhabitants.

By the collapse of the stock market 1929 and the following large depression lost Pensacola and the port its economic meaning, which changed only again for 1941, as itself the need of coal for the allied ones in 2. World war increased. 1942 reached the grocer Calvin Todd that the up to then private port changed into public possession, which was carried out 1943 by establishment of the port authority. 1948, 1955 and 1958 destroyed 3 major fires large parts of the docks. Still in the same year the complete reorganization of the port was decided.
1960 broke the complete trade with Cuba away, which there the most important trade partner was. 1965 were overcome and 98% of all treated woods over the ports of Florida were implemented, 63% of the exported peanuts over Pensacola implemented also this crisis.

Pensacola was before Tallahassee for short time the government capital of Florida.

name explanation

it gives to explain the name Pensacola to two possibilities. The first possibility is that one Pensacola because of an Indian trunk, which lived in the proximity in such a way called. One tells oneself in addition, there that the name of the Spanish pensa the stomach and colar drink comes and in this meaning on the settlers decreases/goes back, who it was not issued there too only very well and who had to therefore hand themselves over to the-more frequent.


Pensacola has best navigation connections and a constant driving connection after Gulf Breeze, which lies on a pre-aged peninsula, tying up to the Highways 10, 90 and 98, as well as its own airport, the “Pensacola regionally air haven “. Further possibilities are distant and the “ mobiles Downtown air haven”, for about 90 km far away the “Hurlburt Field air haven " approximately 55 km.

inhabitants (descent)

the inhabitants are Italian (3.1%), Irish (10.0%), German (10.5%), French (3.2%) and British (11.0%) descent. From the American natives about 7.7% the inhabitant descend.


beside the Naval air station Pensacola [1], the largest naval pilot basis of the USA, on which 16,000 military and 7,400 civil employees are busy, are the port as well as itself the companies there present the largest employers in Pensacola. The other branches of occupation are: Training, health and social: (25.3%), trade/retail trade: (12.6%), art, maintenance, food, restaurant: (11,3 %).


the highest temperatures are in May until Octobers, with up to 28°C. The coldest months from December to February with on the average only 8°C. Snow is almost unknown in the region.


  • A. A. Dixon Elementary School
  • A. K. Suter School
  • Allie Yniestra Elementary School
  • Bellview Elementary School
  • Beulah Elementary School
  • Brentwood Elementary School
  • C.a. Point Elementary School
  • Cordova park Elementary School
  • Edgewater Elementary School
  • Ensley Elementary School
  • Ferry passport Elementary School
  • George S. Resounding Mark of Elementary
  • brightens Caro Elementary School
  • L. D. Mcarthur Elementary School
  • Lincoln park Elementary School
  • Longleaf Elementary School
  • Myrtle Grove Elementary School
  • Navy POINT Elementary School
  • Oakcrest Elementary School
  • Bellview Middle School
  • Brentwood Middle School
  • Brown would save Middle School
  • Brownsville Middle School
  • Ferry passport Middle School
  • J. H. Workman Middle School
  • Escambia High School (approx. 1,900 students)
  • Pensacola High School (approx. 1,680 students)
  • Pine Forest High School (approx. 1,700 students)
  • Washington senior High School (approx. 1,770 students)

resuming educational facilities

  • University OF west Florida (approx. 6,200 students)
  • Pensacola junior college (approx. 6,000 students)
  • Pensacola Christian college
  • George Stone AREA vocational Technical center (approx. 400 students)


Pensacola a public library, the “west Florida possesses regionally LIBRARY” with approximately 360,000 books, 36,000 audio and 14,000 video documentations.


  • Baptist Health Care
  • Nemours Children's Clinic
  • Sacred Heart Health system
  • Naval hospital Pensacola
  • west Florida hospital

of sport associations

  • the Pensacola Ice Pilots are in the East Coast Hockey League
  • the Pensacola Pelicans are in the cent ral baseball League
  • the Pensacola of aviator play in the American basketball Association
  • the Pensacola power play in that national Women's football Association

park and sport possibilities

it give a variety of different city parks as well as several sporty mechanisms, as well as play meadows and possibilities for the camping. At sport possibilities soft ball, baseball, football, basketball, Soccer and swimming are offered.


in Pensacola gives at present it to 243 different churches from 25 different denominations. Under the churches belonging to a denomination the Baptistengemeinde with 99 churches is most strongly represented. Further there are 16 churches belonging to no denomination (conditions: 2004). Pensacola applies from starting point of a charismatischen arousing movement of the modern times and gave to this also the name.

demographic data

the average income of a household the average income of a family is with 42,868 USD with 34.779 USD.
Men have an average income of 33.258 USD opposite the women with on the average 23,582 USD. The Pro-Kopf-Einkommen is with 21.438 USD.
16.1% the inhabitant and 12.7% of the families live below the poverty border.
22.9% the inhabitant are old under 18 years and on 100 women starting from 18 years and over it come statistically 84.7 men.
The average age amounts to 39 years. (Conditions: 2000).


the criminality rate has an index of 427,1 points. (See. US state average: ) 2002 there
were 330,6 points 1 murder, 36 rapes, 101 armed robberies, 322 violent attacks on persons, 622 break-downs, 1,912 thefts and 127 autothefts.

sons and daughters of the city


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