of these articles is occupied with the building, seat of the US Department of Defense is. Explanations to the geometrical figure Pentagon are under pentagon.
The Pentagon, southwest opinion with the Potomac River and Washington Monument in the background

the Pentagon is the head officethe US-American Ministry of Defense. It is embedded one of the largest office buildings of the world and in 50 hectars of park and lawn. The Pentagon is because of the Potomac River in Arlington (Virginia) directly beside the national cemetery Arlington at the border too Washington (D.C.).

With the word „Pentagon “one means also often not the building, but the US Department of Defense .

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building history

1941 suffered that at that time 24.000Coworker comprehensive Ministry of Defense under acute place emergency and was besides on 17 different buildings distributed. In the July of the same yearly Brigadier General Brehon B. asked. Sommervell to solve these problems by a new building which was meant as temporary solution originally only.

Congress of US, due to the high construction costses, first if doubt had, which can be expected, gave however to 14. August 1941 in view of the war situation in Europe green light for the building and made the necessary means available. For the threatening case of the war entrance of the USA should the Ministry of Defense applicable its.

Originally the building at another location should develop. The intended development land was under the name Arlington farm well-known and by five roads was framed, which gave the characteristic form of the building. President Franklin Delano Rooseveltwas afraid however, which enormous Bürokomplex could impair the view of the national cemetery Arlington out on Washington (D.C.) and let another building site search. A further condition of Roosevelt was to use for the building no material from war leading states. Thuswas meant before all marble (from Italy). So the Pentagon from concrete had to be built.

The final location found one 1.2 km river downward at the Potomac River. Here were before the old Hoover Airport, a former brickyard, a running place as well as one“ärmlichere” settlement, mentioned „Hell's Bottom “.

To the five-lateral form one held and sketched the final version with free inner court. Each side of the pentagon consists for its part of five parallel rows of buildings (the rings in such a way specified), so that only the coworkershave the chance on a “garden view” completely outside in the ring 1 or inside in the ring 5. In addition each ring has five floors. The five building parts represent likewise the many sections of the American military: „Army “, „Navy “, „Marine “, „air Force “and „the Defense Intelligence Agency

under the direction of Colonel Leslie Groves, which became finally famous by the military line of the Manhattan project, worked 14,000 workers and 1000 architects now in threeLayers around the clock. At the 11. September 1941 begun and after 16 months, to 15. January 1943, posed, cost the building 83 million dollar.

guidance of the armed forces

the Pentagon becomes with armed forces througha spider-netlike global nervous system connected:Global information Grid.

11. September 2001

Das Pentagon nach dem Einschlag am 11. September 2001
the Pentagon after the impact at the 11. September 2001

one of the terrorist attacks at the 11. September 2001 in the USA applied for the Pentagon, at its„60. Birthday was punctually damaged “. 125 humans died. Owing to the fastened building method of 1941, which was originally implemented for the loads of the documents strengthened, no more humans died. Also the safety windows and the 2001briefly before the notices again inserted and/or. many humans in the 1 have outdated fire sprinkler. Stick and in the adjacent blocks the life saved. Only the 1 broke 19 minutes after the impact Boeing 757 and the breaking out fire. Stickin itself together.

The impact hole was not to be constituted at the beginning of nearly, there kidnapped Boeing 757 centrically on an iron gate for suppliers hit and only in the building complex into kerosene - fire cloud exploded.

Due to the strong damages at the building, the extremely smallDamage around the building, contradictory testimonies and withholding information (z. B. Video photographs) by the Ministry of Defense circulate some theories about the notice, deviating from the official version.

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