By hitchhikers by the galaxy

by hitchhikers by the galaxy (original title: The Hitchhiker's Guide ton the Galaxy) is the most well-known work of the English writer Douglas of Adam. This concerns a novel of the Science Fiction - literature, appeared however firstas radio ending on BBC. Some aspects are so far parodiert and pulled in the absurd that a completely own Komik results, which proved as extremely successful. The work was updated over years, spread in different media anda cult character possesses since its appearance.

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original in the year 1978 than Radio play series for the BBC written, developed the Adam's history further, and developed a novel row, whose five parts appeared in the years 1979 to 1992. In addition 1981 - likewise for the BBC - were produced a TV serial. In co-operation alsoDouglas of Adam took place 1984 a conversion of history for a computer game. The group of small art theatres liking Adam wrote a musical, which specified it 1997 in Hamburg from history. In April 2005 a Hollywood came - filming of the hitchhiker into the cinemas.

Although the different Adaptionen - radio, books, computer game, TV-series - describes on the whole the same action, there are nevertheless numerous variations in individual points; there are even some contradictory elements and variants.

History, all versions at the basis, are the adventures Arthur Dent, an average Englishman, that escapes with scarce emergency and with the help of its friend Ford Prefect of the total destruction of the planet earth by an extraterrestial race named Vogonen, are appropriate. To Arthur's Verblüffung proves itsFriend as an extraterrestial visitor, who had bereist the earth for search purposes for a galactic reference book and had unfortunately found to its misfortune for some years no far travel possibility. When the fleet of the Vogonen emerges, around the earth for building of a galactic hyperspace by-pass roadto destroy, Ford uses the opportunity and brings themselves and Arthur by means of „electronic thumb “as it were by hitchhikers on board one the Vogonenraumschiffe. Vogonen draw however as particularly hospitable do not associate out, and so Arthur and Ford become by oneAir lock in the universe carries, however they had before the doubtful pleasure to be allowed to hear somewhat vogonische Dichtkunst. Instead of dying now in space, the incomprehensibly improbable happens, and the two are saved in last second by the spaceship heart from gold. OnArthur and Ford the other main figures of history meet board of this spaceship. There is first a certain Zaphod Beeblebrox, half cousin of Ford and sometimes president of the galaxy. Zaphod had together with Trillian, a woman the Arthur once upmet, the spaceship had stolen from a party. In addition also on board Marvin, is constantly badly more gelaunter to depressions of bending Androide. One opens oneself up to look for the legendary planet Magrathea in great quantities money, and finally the questionto find the ultimative answer.

radio play

by hitchhikers by the galaxy was written first as radio radio play for the BBC (in German language as by hitchhikers in the universe). BBC radio would send 4 new consequences of the radio play last.The last three books ever more without foundation of the Trilogie so mentioned than two series were sent:

  1. 2004: The Tertiary phase,
  2. 2005: The Quandary phase and The Quintessential phase


of late developed Adam from it inBook, which it continued in several volumes, until 1992 appeared „part of 5 the four-restrained Trilogie “(English. Original title in parentheses):

part of translated Sven Böttcher for the fish ( so Long and Thanks for universe the fish).

Among the hitchhiker series furthermore the Kurzgeschichte the young Zaphod ranks goes safe (original title „Young Zaphod Plays it Safe “), those as connecting piece between that 4. and that 5. Volume to be regarded can. History lies in two somewhat different versionsforwards and in different anthologies appeared, among other things in the deduction volume salmon in the doubt (The Salmon OF Doubt), ISBN 3453400453.

TV serial

due to the high popularity of the radio play was produced a six-part TV-series, in that mostParticipants of the radio play along-played (exceptions: David Dixon as Ford Prefect and Sandra Dickinson as Trillian). The series is based on the first two books (by hitchhikers by the galaxy and the restaurant at the end of the universe). One was plannedsecond series on basis of Douglas Adams' project Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen, which was never carried out however because of different problems. From the Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen - project became late volume three the life, the universe and thatwhole remainder.

motion picture film

already 1997 signed Douglas of Adam a contract with Disney/Spyglass, which wanted to bring its cult novel at that time into the cinema halls. Direction should lead to this time Jay Roach. Adam meant 2001 that he itself Hugh Laurie or Hugh Grant for the main role „Arthur Dent “well to present could.

In October 2003 the film project long expected by fans was then begun. The best-seller was filmed „Hitchhiker's Guide ton the Galaxy “by director Garth Jennings. Thatfilm script at that time of Douglas of Adam still once by Karey Kirkpatrick, which among other things by the animated film Chicken run - hens running admits is, was worked on. The main role „Arthur Dent “plays actors Martin Freeman, Ford Prefect becomes from the black musician Converted, its cousin Zaphod Beeblebrox of the American actor Sam Rockwell , and in the role of the Trillian one sees Zooey Deschanel to MOS Def. In the English original the British actor Alan Rickman borrows his voice to the depressive robot Marvin. InBill Nighy is to be seen to the role of the Slartibartfass.

Specially for the cinema version Douglas of Adam wrote a new figure, Humma Kavula, in the film script. It was tailored John Malkovich on the body, which finally also accepted this role.

Kind of filmingin Germany, Austria and Switzerland was the 9. June 2005.


the music of the musical is available on CD: Liking Adam: Don't panic. Produced of liking Adam (Andrea Bongers, Jo Yak-generic terms) and Tim board cutter. Hamburg 1997.

Further media

the topic also in a Textadventure was converted - computer game. The latter was released by the author for the public and can be played therefore on-line. Further the first three hitchhiker books were converted as Comics.

Allusions on history can alsoagain and again in most diverse computer games (z. B. in Gothic as Cheatcode) or series (z. B. Futurama) to be found.


  • Neil Gaiman: No panic - with Douglas of Adam by the galaxy (Ullstein 1990) a smallManual over the hitchhiker, background and emergence, as well as some biographic data of Douglas of Adam.
  • Klaus Schmeh: The cult factor - from marketing to the myth: 42 Erfolgsstorys from Rolex to hunter master (talking LINE economics 2004) a detailed chapter contains over byHitchhiker by the galaxy and the cult Terry Jones
  • belonging to it: Douglas Adams' spaceship Titanic takes up the idea of the spaceship Titanic mentioned briefly in the hitchhiker , which floats leaderless by the galaxy, written by Monty Python size of Terry Jones.This book developed at the edge to the work on the computer game of the same name. The publisher insisted on the fact that to the play a novel had to appear parallel. Since Adam's no time had to the letter, it asked Terry Jones it for it toowrite.

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