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by Gessle (R.) with Marie Fredriksson (l.)

by Gessle (* 12. January 1959 in Halmstad, Sweden) is a musician.

It became in its Swedish homeland first with its volumes Gyllene Tider admits, before it 1989 together with Marie Fredriksson under the name Roxette became world-wide successful. The Song The look from the album Look sharp gave the first place in the US-American Billboard Charts to Roxette. With lists ton your heart (1990), It must have been love (1990) and Joyride (1991) repeated Roxette this success three times. With Roxette publishedGessle in the 90's-years beyond that the albums Tourism (1992), Crash! Boom! Fear for! (1994), Don' t bore US - GET ton the chorus (1995), Have A nice day (1999) and last Room service (2001).

Beyond that Gessle is active also as Songwriter for other artists, howfor example Belinda Carlisle. Center of the 90's-years it published also a English-language solo album with the name The world according tons of Gessle (1997), with which it however internationally not to the old Roxette - successes to tie knew.

Today Gessle ranks among the most successful Swedish musicians. In the year2003 it published its first schwedischsprachiges solo album with Mazarin since 1985 and occupied both with this album and with the first single Här more kommer alla känslorna („all feelings come here “) the first place of the Swedish hit parade. To the publication of “Mazarin” it went intoSummer 2003 on route. At the beginning of of 2004 was distinguished Gessle with four Swedish Grammys - among other things for the Song of the yearly. In the year 2004 the 25-year old anniversary was celebrated by Gyllene Tider with the album Finn fem fel and a route by Sweden, also492,252 visitors the most successful route of all times in Sweden became.

To 23. It published November 2005 under the alias “Son OF A Plumber” a further English-language solo album in Sweden, which likewise carries the name “Son OF A Plumber”. The name is an allusion upthe fact that the father of by Gessle was a plumber. The album became to 27. March 2006 in far parts of Europe and to 28. April 2006 in Germany publishes.

To 12. January 2006, its 47. Birthday, published an album with demo versions of all titles by Gesslethe album Mazarin. The album is available not in the trade, but can be downloaded free of charge on the homepage

By Gessle is married with Åsa Nordin Gessle and has a son named Gabriel Titus (* 5. August 1997 in Stockholm, Sweden)

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Further projects


  • by Gessle (1983)
  • Scener (1985)
  • På Väg 1982-86 (CD box consisting of the first two solo albums and the album demo, 1982-86, which were available with this box only.) (1992)
  • Hjärtats Trakt (CompilationAlbum) (1994)
  • The World According ton of Gessle (1997)
  • Hjärtats Trakt/En seedling (Compilation album) (1997)
  • Mazarin (2003)
  • Son OF A Plumber (as “Son OF A Plumber”) (2005)
  • Mazarin demo (as “bath Hair Day”) (2006)

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