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Lage von Perchtoldsdorf
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Land of the Federal Republic: Lower Austria
political district: District Mödling (MD)
geographical layer:
Coordinates: 48° 07 ′ N, 16° 16 ′ O
48° 07 ′ N, 16° 16 ′ O
surface: 12.6 km ²
inhabitants: 13.998 (census 2001)
height: 265 m and. NN
postal zip code: 2380
preselection: 01
municipality code number: 31 7 19
municipal office: Market place
2380 Perchtoldsdorf
official Website:
E-Mail address:
mayor: Martin shoemaker (ÖVP)
local council: 37 members: 23 ÖVP,
7 SPÖ, 3 the Green, 2 FPÖ,
2 Perchtoldsdorfer citizen list

Perchtoldsdorf is a market municipality in the district Mödling in Lower Austria and one of the numerous wine places in the periphery of Vienna. Colloquially Perchtoldsdorf is called often also Peter village.

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Perchtoldsdorf is because of the southern city boundary of Vienna. In the west the market municipality borders on the Viennese forest . It is the largest place after the district capital Mödling of the district and is because of the northern edge of the district Mödling.

The neighbour municipalities are:


after the today's realizations was already 6000 before Christ settled the even part of Perchtoldsdorf. Later were also Roman settlements there.

The name Perchtoldsdorf is mentioned documentary 1140 the first time. The settlement took place at that time approximately around the castle at the today's market place. On the castle Perchtoldsdorf were at present the Babenberger the influential Mr. von Perchtoldsdorf. From whom the name does not descend exactly is historically occupied. After the gentlemen von Perchtoldsdorf in the year 1286 ignored the rule rights to the having citizens . Thus the castle Perchtoldsdorf was used as widow seat of the having citizens and the place took a recent upswing and reached 1400 the market right.

When those brought Hungary under Matthias Corvinus Lower Austria under their rule, Perchtoldsdorf was strongly concerned and the ownership structure often changed. Only under emperors Maximilian the place recovered again. The military tower was finished and some community centres, which still exist today, were built at that time.

During the first Turk FE storage the place was devastated, the inhabitants could entrench itself however in the fastened military church and got off so mild. Only the second Turk FE storage added to the market municipality, which was already economically very weak before, much. The place recovered only slow again.

At the beginning 19. Century became even the before rather Protestant place a place of pilgrimage.

In the second half 19. Century Perchtoldsdorf a popular summer-resort and it developed beside the wine gardens ever more mansions, which still stand to a large extent today. This held also in 20. Century on. By damage in the Second World War Perchtoldsdorf, which belonged starting from 1938 to Vienna, remained spared.

population trend

census inhabitant
2001 13,998
1991 14,051
1981 13,451
1971 11,486

source: Population trend 1869 - 2001 of the statistics Austria</br>

Today inhabitants of still 2,500 owners of secondary living are to be ranked among that approximately 14,000.


by Perchtoldsdorf runs the railroad line from Vienna to Viennese new city. However only courses of the Viennese rapid-transit railway line 2 start the critical point . The moreover one a local bus, as well as other penalty drive off the Gemeindegebiet.

A direct motorway connection exists Viennese to the outer ring motorway, in addition, to the southern highway it is not far.

In addition there are several taxi enterprises, which vergünstigte one - by subsidies of the municipality - travel, in which area to the locality and in surrounding areas, offer.

Railroad line Liesing the opened 1890 ago - Kaltenleutgeben ran to more than 80% on Perchtoldsdorfer Gemeindegebiet. The railroad line existed on Perchtoldsdorfer area still completely, is used however only more for cement transport and leads today only more up to the railway terminal forest mill in the Lafarge work in Kaltenleutgeben. The station relatively next to the town centre Perchtoldsdorf of the railroad line Liesing - Kaltenleutgeben was the first station on Perchtoldsdorfer Gemeindegebiet (the today's stop Perchtoldsdorf on the south course only after the Second World War one created). The historical station building exists also this very day (2006), the railway tracks into the 1990er-Jahren was however substantially backbuilt.



Perchtoldsdorf is a wine place in the down-Austrian hot spring region and as such admits for its Heurigen. The wine prospers in Perchtoldsdorf so well, because in the earth Löss is contained. The rather esoterische tiger Wurth lets the wine before the filling flow over crystals, whereby the wine is energetisiert by their positive oscillation .

Wine is produced in Perchtoldsdorf according to old methods, whereby the Holzfass, made of oakwood, playsBarrique “since 1990 an important role. This differentiates Perchtoldsdorf for instance from Gumpoldskirchen, whose winegrowers' co-operative uses large metal tanks.


in the last decades in the flat eastern part of the place also industrial companies settled industry. One the oldest is the Austrian address 3M. Also different enterprises as steal operate there addresses, above all from sales offices.

objects of interest

Rudolf of alto: Parish church and military tower in Perchtoldsdorf, 1883

main marriage worthynesses are the castle, the medieval market place and the largest received military tower of Austria lain central. The Wehrtum serves at the same time as church tower, however no structural connection between church and tower exists.


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