Percy Williams

Percy Williams (* 19. May 1908 in Vancouver; † 29. November 1982) was a Canadian athlete. With the olympic plays 1928 in Amsterdam he became double olympia winner over the Sprintstrecken.

Williams won 1928 surprisingly at the age of 20 years the Canadian qualification running for the participation in the olympic plays in Amsterdam. There it reached easy the final. Owing to to good star width units Williams lay already early in guidance and finally won in 10.8 seconds a running before the Britisher Jack London and German George a Lammers.

Also over 200 meters Williams was successful. With the time of 21.9 seconds it triumphed before the Britisher walter Rangeley and Helmut Körnig from Germany. With the return to its homeland he was celebrated enthusiastisch by his compatriots.

In the subsequent years Williams placed several times under proof that its olympia victories were not coincidence successes. With British the Empire Games 1930 in Toronto it won a running over 100 meters and set up in 10.3 seconds a new world record .

The functionaries of the US-American Leichtathletikverbandes, who looked enviously over the northern border, organized a series of resounding matches, with which the US-American Sprinten should prove that they are stronger than their Canadian contractor. For the surprise of the supervisors Williams 19 of the 21 won angesetzen a running.

A muscle pulling in the thigh interrupted its success series for one while. Afterwards it could tie never more completely to its earlier achievements. With the olympic summer games 1932 in Los Angeles it already separated in the quarter final. Williams terminated thereupon its active career and became an insurance agent.

Williams lived together with its nut/mother up to their death in the year 1977 . After its dying office for association it, troubled the constant pain, which its Arthritis caused. To 29. November 1982 took itself Williams the life.


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