permanence designates durability that somewhat durably in its condition remains and does not change these.


with Roulette means permanence the written or electronically held sequence of the pleased numbers.

One calls the numbers pleased at a certain table table permanence. Permanence is offered in nearly all Casinos as permanence booklet or simple computer expression for the purchase.

With a correctly functioning Roulette table permanence does not supply any information usable somehow important for the play victory or. The probability calculation exposes all play strategies and “system plays” which are based on permanence at best as senseless pure Spielereien, at worst as illusion, which can lead to the play craze.

The sales of such Permanenzen nevertheless leads to incomes of the gaming houses. Meanwhile the gaming houses offer Wiesbaden, Hamburg, Hohensyburg and Berlin Permanenzen on-line free of charge.

construction of vehicles

with the all-wheel drive is differentiated between permanent and insertable all-wheel drive. With permanent all-wheel drive all wheels of the vehicle are constantly propelled.


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