Perpendicular Recording

Perpendicular Recording (English for senkrechte recording) is a recording technology perpendicular with magnetic data media as for example non removable disks, with which the sections of the area, which are magnetized in each case for a bit, are not parallel to the rotation direction of the data medium, but to it. Thus a closer packing of bits is together possible, which leads to the increase of the non removable disk capacity. However more near together the vertical bits posed need a shorter distance between write/read head and the storage medium.

The counterpart to the Perpendicular Recording is longitudinal the Recording used so far. Here however the particle the so-called super+paramagnetic effect arises, i.e., the individual bits begins “flippen” and loses its magnetic direction when to strong reduction, which leads to overrun. The non removable disk capacities will rise by this new recording technology around 10 times. Notebookfestplatten with many hundreds gigabyte will be realizable with same size. In addition Desktopfestplatten with capacities are conceivable a far over Terabyte.



with disks with extended recording density - see Extended Density (OD) - is already used this recording method since end of the 1980-he 1980, over on 3.5 " - a disk a capacity by 2,88 MT (IBM-formatted) and/or. To accommodate 4 MT (unformated), which corresponds to the double capacity of an average disk recordable with longitudinal Recording size.

To 17. August 2005 delivered Toshiba as first non removable disk manufacturers a non removable disk for the Desktop PC with this technology. This first, published type is 1.8 " - a non removable disk with a storage capacity of 40 GB and a speed of 4.200 revolutions per minute.

To 17. January 2006 began Seagate with the distribution of 2,5 " - non removable disks, which make a storage capacity available of 160 GB. This corresponds to a data density of 132 GBit per square tariff.

To 26. April 2006 announced Seagate non removable disks, which will make a storage capacity available of 750 GB.

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