in the psychology designates the term personality the whole of the personality characteristics of humans, thus its relatively time-stable behavior readiness.

Colloquially and in philosophy the term has still further meanings:

  • the whole of the personal characteristics of humans, those the character of an individual constitute
  • Humans with a pronounced individual characteristic
  • humans, the one emphasized role in the public play

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personality in thatPsychology

theories of the personality

development of the personality

with the development of the personality both the differential psychology and the development psychology are concerned.

Personality development is the differential change of persons in intra and inter-individual comparison.

Onegeht dabei von einerkurz- und mittelfristigen Stabilität und einer langfristigen Plastizität aus.

The model of the dynamic interactionism describes the development as

a process of the mutual influence of person (personality) and situation <math> P \ times S </math>.

In principle to differentiate are process and structure-oriented (traits) Concepts of the personality development:

personality development after victory mouth Freud, Alfred eagle and Carl Gustav young


  • „highest luck of the devising Indian/are only the personality “ (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Westeastern Divan)
  • „however alone do not decide the general tendencies in the continuation of history: it requires always large personalities, in order to emphasize it. “ (Leopold of climbs: World history)
  • „the world in their alive reality is still so useful and large the realm of the human personality and not the understanding, that, may be it, but not humans are. “ (Rabindranath Tagore)
  • „I am, which I am,because I did, what I did. “ (Elia Kazan)
  • “a personality does not force upon decisions, her arranges her. ” “ (Nelson Mandela)

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