Peruvian-Bolivian Konföderationskrieg


the Peruvian-Bolivian Konföderationskrieg (Guerra de Confederación Perú Boliviana) took place from 1836 to 1839 .

The Bolivian general Andrés de Santa Cruz marched to 15. August 1836 in Lima Peru. It divided Peru into a north and a Southern State. The north was governed by Luís José de Orbego and the south of general Ramón Herrera. Santa Cruz used general José Miguel de Velasco as tread over the new formed Confederación Perú Boliviana .

Manuel Bulnes Prieto, general in the war 1836-39, late Chilean president of 1841-1851

the USA, England and France recognized the new federation on. But Chile and Argentina felt threatened and attacked. 1837 tried to fall Argentine army units Santa Cruz, which failed.

In October 1837 2800 Chilean soldiers in the port Islay landed in south Peru and conquered the city Arequipa. Diseases weakened the Chilean troops and forced them to a peace treaty with Santa Cruz to 17. November 1837 with the contract of Paucarpata. Chile broke the contract and landed to 6. August 1838 under general Manuel Bulnes Prieto in the city Ancón north of Lima. The Chilean fleet blocked the Peruvian port Callao.

In November 1837 the Peruvian ships “Socabaya”, “Confederation” and “Congress” attacked the Juan Fernández islands, as well as the Chilean ports Talcahuano, Huasco and San Antonio . Additionally the Peruvian troops landed in San Antonio and Caldera.

In October 1838 Lima fell into Chilean hand. Santa Cruz sent thereupon large units, the Chilenen withdrew themselves from Lima after Huasco . Santa Cruz did not succeed it to strike the Chilean forces crucially.

To 12. January 1839 was destroyed the Peruvian fleet with Casma by the Chilenen under the command of the British admiral Robert Simpson. To 20. January 1839 advanced general Manuel Bulnes Prieto with 5400 men with Yungay against the Bolivian army and defeated the troops of Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz had to resign and fled to Ecuador.


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