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Peta Gia Wilson (* 18. November 1970 in Sydney, new South Wales) is an Australian photo model and an actress.

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Peta Wilson has blue eyes, blond hair and is approx. 178 cm largely. Their nut/mother is called Carlyne White. The father, Darcy Wilson, was with the military as Korporal and/or. Warrant Officer, special services. Around one year the younger brother, Rob Wilson, is likewise at the Australian army.

In its childhood Peta Wilson, under the service of their father, moved frequently. It lived some years in Papua , new Guinea, where it neither radio nor television had and wildly and ungezwungen buildup. Later it was educated in a catholic Mädchenschule in Brisbane , Queensland, Australia. Peta Wilson was in the Australian national team for Netball and in sails with its father and brother the title of the Australian interservice champion Trailer Sailors won. With 15 it won one model OF the year - competition in Queensland and worked thereupon in Japan. With 17 she suffered from anorexia nervosa as late reaction to the divorce of her parents, which took place as her was 10 years old. With 19 it was long engaged with the Australian singer James Reyne some months, which it became acquainted with on a cruise ship.


Peta Wilson worked first as Model in Australia and Europe (Italy and London). 1991 pulled it to Los Angeles into the USA, where her with Arthur Mendoza, Tom WAITs and. A. Play studied. Their manager was that in the meantime the deceased Michael McLean, which promoted also the careers of NIC oils Kidman , Naomi of Watt and of other Australian actors. Wilsons first appearance in the theatre was in Fool For Love of SAM Shepard. First small and later larger roles before the camera followed. One of their first motion picture films was One OF Our Own, in which she represents the female main role. In the television film Vanishing POINT umgarnt it Viggo Mortensen.

1997 transferred Peta Wilson in the TV serial Nikita (La Femme Nikita), turned in Canada, the main role of the combathaven-trained Geheimagentin of the same name Nikita, whose code name Josephine reads. It was applicant inside selected thereby from more than 200. The German Synchronsprecherin of the Nikita was Katrin merry. The series became the jump board for Peta Wilsons international career. It arose to Conan O'Brien in Late Night shows, in the Tonight show with Jay Leno (1997), the Late show with David Letterman (1998) and the Late Night with (1999 and 2000). Photos of it appeared in English-language magazines like the Australian Vogue, in the Cosmopolitan, in Harper's Bazaar, Esquire, Maxim, New York post office and New York Time. In the erotischen thriller Mercy played it at the side of inches Barkin. 2001 presented it this film with the Muscovite Filmfestival , where she met the Russian president Putin. In the year 2002 she was to be seen together with Til Schweiger in Joe & max, where she embodied the role of the Anny Ondra. In July 2004 it was later on the Cover of the US-American Playboy and also on the Russian expenditure.

Further Peta Wilson has to produce the company Sweet Lip Productions based around films .

It lives with Coffs Harbour, in new South Wales, Australia. Their neighbour is Russell Crowe. In the week as it that she was more schwanger, you found the female main role out in I Spy with Eddie Murphy were offered. It followed its instinct and at the end of February 2002 its son Marlowe to the world brought. Father is the friend of many years Damian Harris (son of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Harris), on which it lives in the meantime separately.

2003 played Peta Wilson into the league of the unusual Gentlemen with Sean Connery the Vampirfrau Mina Harker. The motion picture film be based draws to 2002 on the Comic book of the same name of Alan of moorlands and during the century flood in Tschechien in Prague was turned. The Casting for this was unusual. Peta Wilson was at home in Australia as it the call got that Sean Connery wanted her for the female main role. It borrowed a video camera, took a flax cloth as background, gave its son of her grandmother, a neighbour played Connerys role, and their uncle filmed it. When Peta Wilson thanked some days of late Connery for the opportunity, he said that its video was brilliant. And how it knows the role to someone does not assign, which is started by a dog, which a cloth falls on the head, while a baby walk and a coughing cameraman blurs the picture?

2006 will be to see Peta Wilson in a smaller role in the motion picture film Superman Returns. He presumably comes to 17. August into the German cinemas. Director is Bryan Singer. In January 2006 Wilson turned a consequence of the new Australian Mystery series Two Twisted of Bryan Brown. Daniel Wyllie plays also.


  • 1995 - The Sadness OF Sex … as girls of its dreams
  • 1995 - Naked Jane
  • 1996 - grace shot in the flame sea (Woman Undone)… as a consulting hour assistance
  • 1996 - Highlander (consequence 4,15 „promises “)… as a supervisor
  • 1996 - Strangers (consequence 1,6 „Going Without “)… as Martha
  • 1996 - loose … as Alyssha Rourke
  • 1997 - Denver P.D. - The war devil (One OF Our Own)… as complete one. Jennifer Vaughn
  • 1997 - hell hunt to San Francisco (Vanishing POINT)… as girls on the motorcycle
  • 1997 - 2001 - Nikita (La Femme Nikita)… as Nikita
  • 2000 - Mercy - the dark side of the desire (Mercy)… as Vickie Kittrie
  • 2001 - OTHER People (unpublished pilot film of a series)… as Harriet Stone
  • 2001 - A Girl Thing (mini series)… as Alex
  • 2002 - Joe & max (Joe and max)… as Anny Ondra
  • 2003 - Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked … as a hostess
  • 2003 - the league of the unusual Gentlemen (The League OF Extraordinary Gentlemen)… as Mina Harker
  • 2004 - False Pretenses … as Dianne/DTE DTE
  • 2005 - Jonny Zero (consequences 1,6 „Bounty “ and 1,9 „dia. moon & Guns “)… as Aly
  • 2006 - Two Twisted (consequence „A Flash exclusive one “)… as Mischa Sparkle
  • 2006 - Superman Returns … as Bobbie Faye


  • 1998 Peta Wilson for Nikita as Best category TV Actress with the Saturn Awards one nominated.
  • 1998 and 1999 it received for its role as Nikita in each case a nominating as a best actress in a dramatic main role with the Gemini Awards.
  • 2004 were nominated it for the league of the unusual Gentlemen as the best Nebendarstellerin with the Saturn Awards.


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