Peter i. - Island

Peter i. - Island< /br> Peter 1.s øy
Base data
country: from Norway administration
stresses: --
Research station: no
inhabitants: uninhabited
geographical situation: 68° 52 ′ 55 " S. Break, 90° 34 ′ 12 " w. L.
Surface: 156 km ²
highest collection: Lars Christensentoppen (1,220 m)
discovery: 10.January 1821 by admiral Fabian God-dear from Bellingshausen
official Website: --

The Peter i. - Island is an island in the Antarctic Ocean. It is stressed by Norway, what is not recognized however internationally like all areas of the Norwegian Antarctic territory south the 60° of degree of latitude.

The surface amounts to approx. 156 km ², which are island nearly completely from ice covered.


the island became to 10. January 1821 of admiral Fabian God-dear from Bellingshausen discovers and after Zar Peter I. (the large one) designated.Due to the weather conditions Bellingshausen could not enter the island however. Only one century later, after two further contacts, which did not lead however to a landing on the island, took to 2. February 1929 a Norwegian expedition the island by thoseEstablishment of a protection hut in possession. The appropriation was confirmed 1931 by the Norwegian parliament.


in the west is a short, about 3 km long and 1 km broad, coastal piece, that contrary to the remaining island not is covered with ice. At the south end 1929 a protection hut with food and medicines were established.

  • Position: 68°50'S and 90°30'W
  • highest collection: Lars Christian EN point, 1220 m

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coordinates: 68° 52 ′ 55 " S. Break, 90° 34 ′ 12 " w. L.


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