Peter Ablinger

Peter Ablinger (* 15. March 1959 in swan city, is a Austrian composer.

Ablinger concentrated until 1994 on chamber-musical occupations, afterwards he concerned himself also with electroacoustics and sound installation.

Since 1980 he works on the work complex “white/whitish”, which avails themselves busily with the different aspects of the white noise and thereby of very different media: Instruments, installations, objects, electrical akoustische pieces, pieces of reference, pieces of pro SA, music without sounds; altogether 36 parts.

Biografie: 1959 born in swan city Austria1974-82 graphics study in Linz, jazz piano in Graz,Composition in Graz and Vienna with Gösta Neuwirth and novel Haubenstock Ramatilives honors since 1982 in

Berlin commitments, (selection): 1982-90 at the school of music cross mountain actively 1988 establishment of the ensemble of internmediate tones 1990-92 line of the sound workshop 1993 Gastprofessur in Graz1996 organization of time giving 1-3; Guest composer of the IEM Graz; Scholarship holder of the Heinrich Strobel donation 1997 line of the island music Berlin 1998 promotion price art price Berlin; Concert row 10 years of internmediate tones1999 guest lecturer of the Viennese days for contemporary piano music; Concert row music for places 1-3 2000 concert row „for Christian, Nader and Pauline “2001 scholarship of the mansion Aurora, Los Angeles; Concert row “music for the view after outside” 2002 guest composer of the IEM Graz

of works: Peter Ablingers work is divided into several parallel series: Pieces of 1989-94: 12 instrumentale and or vocal works, from solo ones to chamber orchestras (e.g. “The rain, the glass, the laughter”). White/whitish: Installations, electroacoustic pieces, objects, pieces of reference, Prosa, music without sounds. Instruments and electroacoustically localreferred compression (IEAOV): Pieces for instruments and a form of live-electronics, by the sound sequence one translates into tone quality. Instruments and noise: for instruments and CD. Quadratures: Electroacoustic pieces, installations, pieces for computer-controlled pianos, ensemble or orchestras; The method of the quadratures can be compared with the rough grid by photographies. Input of the quadratures is in each case an acoustic Photografie, or “Phonografie”. Output is a sound into another, screened sound was transferred. Pieces since 2001: vielteilige pieces of series (e.g.: “Voices and Piano”), or multipart work, in which different musical kinds, Topoi, occupations are combined with one another, e.g. a reference and a piece of instrument valley, or an installation, electronics and a Orchsterstück (e.g. “Altar”).

the complete work list of Peter Ablinger

concerts (selection): Viennese fixed weeks, citizens of Berlin fixed weeks, Vienna decaying, Darmstädter of vacation courses, music minutes of the Steiri autumn, Bienale Berlin, Trienale Cologne, Prager spring, hearing courses Vienna, Donaueschinger music days, international music festival Istanbul, sound actions Munich, Los Angeles resistance fluctuation, Musica new facts Sofia, festival OF vision Hong Kong, Huddersfield Contemporary music festival

installations (selection): Open cultural center Linz, new gallery of the city Graz, city theatre pouring, new music Rümlingen, city gallery Kiel, Moltkereiwerkstatt Cologne, Podewil Berlin, March gallery Linz, diocesan museum Cologne, Wittener days, red factory Zurich, Santa Monica museum OF the kind, arts center Karl place Vienna, academy of the arts Berlin, art gallery Graz

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