Peter Aufschnaiter

Peter Aufschnaiter (* 2. November 1899 in Kitzbühel; † 12. October 1973 in Innsbruck) was mountain climber, agrarian scientist, development aid and Kartograf.


the son of a carpenter visited the material High School in Kufstein. Still during its school time young Peter Aufschnaiter had to interrupt the school and to engage 1917 to the dolomite front. To the Matura moved it to Munich and took up the study, which it locked 1927 as an university trained agriculturist.

Already in its youth it began with that mountain pastes - in Munich it found connection to well-known residents of Munich mountain climbers.

1929 and 1931 he participated in the German expeditions to the Kangchenjunga .

1936 he became a managing director of the German Himalaja donation.

1939 it led the expedition to the Nanga Parbat - participant was also Heinrich Harrer. Since during the expedition in Europe the Second World War broke out, the expedition participants on the return journey in India were interned.

escape and stay in Asia

to 29. April 1944 succeeded to Aufschnaiter, Heinrich Harrer and five further prisoners the escape from the internment camp Dehradun. While the liberty of the five Mitgefangenen was only from short duration, Aufschnaiter and Harrer arrived at 15. Jänner 1946 after Lhasa - the end of an adventurous escape by Westtibet past at the holy mountain dock-lax and Südtibet. This history is also in the filming of seven years in Tibet, Harrers Autobiografie.

The stay in Lhasa lasted until 1950 - in this time Aufschnaiter planned a hydro-electric power plant, a duct system in Lhasa, further took over it orders as Kartograf. Harrer and Aufschnaiter forced the moving close Chinese People's Army to 20. December 1950 again to the escape. Harrer went directly to India; Aufschnaiter was still approximately 10 months in Tibet.

In the Jänner 1952 it arrived in Nepal. He worked several years as Kartograf in Nepal, later in new Delhi, for the Indian army. Starting from 1956 he worked at the FAO in Kathmandu as an agrarian expert. He got a Nepalese passport, which permitted it him to explore for foreigners closed areas in Nepal. On one of these journeys he discovered culture-historically valuable frühbuddhistische Fresken.

Peter Aufschnaiter died to 12. October 1973 in the university clinic Innsbruck.


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