Peter Beil

Peter Beil, (* 9. July 1937 in Hamburg ) is a German hit singer, Trompeter, Komponist and Bandleader.


Peter took playing the violin instruction as 12jähriger. Furthermore it played in the trombone choir, where it discovered the trumpet for itself. After the school it made first commercial teachings. Later he than employee worked to Hamburg airport. Finally it studied classical trumpet at the national college of music. With a Studionfreund it arose on weekends with celebrations. In the course of the time the group with the exception of 6 members became larger and called themselves “Crazy Combo”. Leadsänger was Peter Beil. 1958 could arise those to volume in Peter Frankenfelds transmission “Toi, Toi, Toi”. Thereupon Peter Beil received a disk contract. The first photographs were however hardly successful. The break-through succeeded to it in the spring 1961 with the German admission from Ray of the Peterson Corinna, Corinna. This hit could keep itself lasting for weeks in the German Charts. “Ricky Boys” became simultaneous the German version of the Ricky Nelson with it under the alias - hit Hello Mary Lou produces, with which he the 2. Voice sang. Peter Beil had thus equivalent two successes parallel.

In the subsequent year itself Peter Beil with the title could an Italian in love qualify for the German hit festivals in Baden-Baden, achieved thereby however only the last place. Also the project “Ricky Boys” was further pursued, however one engaged for it Franco Duval as singing partner.

1962 arose Peter Beil also in a hit film. With his title Carolina, Carolina it participated in the film “dance with me in the mornings”.

To at the beginning of of 1966 it took up still further usually German Cover versions, then it changed the disk company and had with foreigner at the night a further large success. A renewed attempt of the participation with the German hit festivals 1966 with “there would like to go I”, failed.

1970 were Peter Beil into one of the first expenditures of the Second Channel of German Television hit parade with the title lightning hit to see. To end of the 1970er years took over he also the musical line of the hit parade route with Dieter Thomas's tail.

Beside its own photographs as singers it composed also for other artists. 1984 it finally entered with Hazy Osterwald as Trompeter. Afterwards he was to be seen occasionally also as choir singers with different artists and heard.

record successes

(titles, feature year, disk company, hit parade placement)

  • Corinna, Corinna, 1961, Fontana, 6.
  • Carolin, Carolina, 1962, Fontana, 20.
  • Your course drives by the night, 1963, Fonatana, 11.
  • Small nerve saw Monika, 1963, Fontana, 11.
  • Number one in my heart, 1963, Fontana, 14.
  • Because I love you, 1963, Philips, 38.
  • Stranger at the night, 1966, CBS, 24.
  • Everything my dreams, 1966, CBS, 31.
  • You are to carry my name, 1969, Columbia, 30.
  • Summer sunshine, 1969, Columbia, 31.
  • Lightning hit, 1970, Columbia, 33.
  • Adieu Adeline, 1978, Philips, 29.

albums (selection)

  • melodies from west simmer story 1964
  • large successes, 1993
  • two good friends, 1997
  • Corinna, Corinna, 2000


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