Peter Cabus

Peter Cabus (* 27. July 1923 in Mecheln, Belgium; † 11. November 2000 in Mechelen) was Belgian (a flämischer) composer.

It began with its studies at the Lemmens institute in Leuven with Flor Peeters organ and Marinus De Jong piano. Then it completed the royal conservatoire in Brussels. There it studied with Charles Scharrès piano, chamber music with André Gertler, composition and joint with Jean Absil as well as Léon Jongen. Its diplomas pointed the way to the composer and music teacher to more, than to the pianist. After the study it was organist at Sint Katelijnekerk in Mechelen and participated as a pianist in various chamber music ensembles.

1947 to 1959 he was a music teacher at the music academy in Mortsel, Belgium and at the conservatoire in Mechelen. Furthermore it gave music instruction at the old-linguistic High School in Keerbergen (1950 - 1954) and at a middle school in Antwerp (1954 - 1959). 1959 he became successor of its Förderes Godfried Devreese as a director of the conservatoire in Mechelen.

He was lecturer in composition, harmony teachings and counterpoint at the royal music conservatoire of Brussels. Cabus' of most well-known pupils was Johan Duijck, late director/conductor of the flämischen radio choir, the choir of the Academy OF Saint Martin into the Fields and the Madrigalchors Gent. Also January van Landeghem, today director of the music academy Bornem (Belgium), studied composition with it.

1980 it became member of the royal academy for science, seal and beautiful arts of Belgium.

Its Œuvre covers more than 200 works from all category.

Table of contents

of works

of works for orchestra

  • 1938 Variaties voor orkest for orchestra
  • 1940 Concerto in E for piano and orchestra
  • 1946 Intermezzo for mixed choir and orchestra
  • 1946 Symfonie nr.1 for orchestra
  • 1950 Concerto for violin and orchestra
  • 1951 Sinfonietta for orchestra
  • 1953 Concertino for piano and orchestra
  • 1954 Concertino in variatievorm topic van Neidhart von
  • Reuenthal for orchestra 1956 Variazioni for orchestra 1957 Symfonie nr.2 for
  • orchestra 1958 Concerto there
  • camera for organ and caper orchestra,
  • een for piano and orchestra 1954 Variaties OI
  • , 1961 in memoriam Burgemeester A. Spinoy for chamber orchestra
  • 1961 Symfonie nr.3 for orchestra
  • 1962 Vijf dansen for orchestra
  • 1963 Symfoni dansen for orchestras
  • 1964 Interludium for orchestra
  • 1964 Sinfonia for chamber orchestra
  • 1965 Concerto Grosso for four clarinets and chamber orchestras
  • 1965 Concerto for 2 trumpets and strike ago
  • 1968 Beweging in sonatevorm for trumpet (or trombone) and orchestra
  • 1970 Drie rondo's voor orkest
  • 1972 Ouverture into oude stijl for caper orchestras
  • 1973 Sinfonia concertante for Cembalo, piano and caper orchestra
  • 1974 Divertimento by archie for caper orchestra
  • 1974 facets for old saxophone and caper orchestra
  • 1975 Inventies for four clarinets and caper orchestra
  • 1978 Genealogies for caper orchestras
  • 1983 Ouverture more over een song van Jef Van Hoof for speakers, choir and orchestra
  • 1984 Concertino for piano to four hands and Caper orchestra
  • 1986 Symfonie nr.4 voor strijkers for caper orchestra
  • 1987 Divertimento concertante for flute, violin, Violoncello and strike ago
  • 1987 Symfonie nr.5 for orchestra
  • 1989 Een Limburgse ouverture
  • 1993 Symfonie nr.6 (Sinfonia breve) for orchestra
  • 1994 Twee geuzenliederen for caper orchestra
  • 1997 Concerto camera for organ and caper orchestra small one
  • suite Vlaamse more over zes

work on] of works

  • for blowing orchestra 1965 Rouwmuziek voor blazers
  • for blowing orchestra 1974 Feestmuziek
  • for fanfare orchestras 1977 Ouverture liederen there for fanfare orchestras
  • 1978 hymn EN All'inglese for fanfare orchestra
  • 1979 Variaties more over twee Oudvlaamse volksliederen for fanfare orchestra
  • 1981 Suite voor harmonieorkest for blowing orchestra
  • 1982 Jubileummars SW-100 for blowing orchestra
  • 1983 Intrada for blowing orchestra
  • 1988 Rhapsody for Brass volume
  • 1989 Variaties voor harmonieorkest for blowing orchestras

other works


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