Peter Gaehtgens

Peter Gaehtgens (* 1. September 1937 in Dresden, Saxonia) is a physician for physiology and was from 2003 to 2005 president of the university rectors conference.


after its Abitur in Aachen studied Gaehtgens in Freiburg, Munich and Cologne Humanmedizin and closed its study 1964 as Dr. med. off. After its license to practise medicine it became 1966 assistant for pathological physiology of the University of Cologne, left Cologne however after one year over as a coworker at the California institutes OF Technology in Pasadena, California, to become. After its two-year activity it attained a doctorate likewise there 1971 in Cologne in physiology. 1983 were appointed Gaehtgens for a C4 Professur to the free University of Berlin, became there 1995 Dekan of the medical faculty. Subsequently, it functioned as a deputy of the president that FU-Berlin, and became 1999 to 2003 president that FU-Berlin.

It is married with a Gynäkologin and has a son. Gaehtgens is grandchild of Louis Ruyter Radcliffe Grote.


  • 1972 multistoried building price of the medical faculty of the university to Cologne
  • 1986 Abbott Microcirculation Award
  • 1990 Malpighi Award of the European Society for Microcirculation

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