Peter Greenaway

Peter Greenaway (* 5. April 1942 in new haven, Wales, united kingdom) is a British experimental artist, film script author, a film director, a cameraman and a Cutter and a professor to the European Graduate School in Saas Fee.


As a young person Greenaway Borges and Joyce read and began themselves in the painting to interest, with their study it 1962 in the Walthamstow college began. Starting from 1965 he worked as Cutter for “cent ral the Office OF information” and began 1966 own Kurzfilmeto turn, which brought in rather little acknowledgment for it. Only as he 1980 with his work ambitioniertesten up to then, who three-hour fictitious documentation “The of case”, approximately around an absurd “Violent Unknown Event” was in Rotterdam on a Filmfestival represented, became hemore well-known and Kees Kasander to the Netherlands producer, which produced from now on its films, turned out.

Its first evening-filling featurethe contract of the draughtsman “, was skillful to outgoing 17 a devised kriminologisches puzzle approximately around a vain painter in the England.Century. Whereupon followed the surreale film “ZOO-A Zed and two Noughts” over animals, decay, symmetry, fate and the painter sea, as well as the film “the belly of the architect” and again much in the Surrealisti pulling “Drowning by the Numbers” (dt.“Conspiracy of the women”). 1989 it achieved a new degree at publicity by the scandalous black comedy “The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and ago Lover”, whose performance in America was forbidden. Greenaway produces new visual dimensions then 1991 in itsShakespeare filming “Prospero's Books” with John Gielgud in the main role. Even for Greenaway and generic term zone exaggerated the church satire “The baby OF Mâcon” often fell through at criticism and public, became however by their enthusiasm for the beautifully produced “The Pillowbook” also Vivian Wu and Ewan McGregor balanced. With “8 1/2 Women” created Greenaway a funny Hommage at Fellini full sexual Obsessionen, which does not reach however the complexity and the allusion wealth of earlier works.

Greenaways newest project, “The Tulse Luper Suitcases”, covers threeFeatures, one TV serial, 92 DVDs, CD-ROM, and books concerning the life of Tulse Luper and its 92 suit-cases with obskurem contents. Tulse Luper dips as figure and a coworker (so e.g. Production Assistant for “A mill Throuh H”) in several filmsGreenaways up, thus in “The of case” or in the Kurzfilmen “vertically features Remake” and “A mill Through H”. In Greenaways films a kind mythology unfolds approximately around Luper, to which a row belongs again and again arising characters (e.g. LupersOpponent Van Hoyten).

Greenaways artistic requirement is not smaller than that, the language of the film - which experienced the 1920er after its view since years no more development - fundamentally to renew. Characteristics of its films are long total attitudes upminuziös through-arranged, static arrangements of decorations and actors, which do not only invite the spectator to high attention and exact Hinsehen, but also force, if it wants to follow the action. Regularly Greenaway for the language of its films uses alsoExpression elements of other art forms, z. B. the forming art (“the contract of the draughtsman”), architecture (“the belly of the architect”) or the literature (“The Pillowbook”).

A further registration number of its films is the use of a delightful and interesting, however, those cool musicthe irony of the pictures underlines and an emotional going along of the spectator completely excludes. The music to five of the films of Greenaway (“contract of the draughtsman”, “one Z and two zeros”, “conspiracy of the women”, “the cook, the thief, its wife and) the English composer Michael Nyman wrote their lover " and “Prosperos of books”. The music to “the belly of the architect” wrote Wim Mertens.


  • 1980: The of case
  • 1982: The contract of the draughtsman (The Draughtsman's Contract)
  • 1985:One Z & two zeros (A Zed & Two Noughts)
  • 1986: The belly of the architect (The Belly OF at Architect)
  • 1988: Verschwörung der Frauen (Drowning by Numbers)
  • 1989: The cook, the thief, its wifeand its lover (The Cook the Thief His Wife & ago Lover)
  • 1989: Les Morts de la its
  • 1991: Prosperos of books (Prospero's Books)
  • 1993: The miracle of Mâcon (The baby OF Mâcon)
  • 1996: ThoseBed reading (The Pillow Book)
  • 1999: 8 1/2 Women (Eight and A helped Women)
  • 2001: The one into the Bath
  • 2004: The Tulse Luper Suitcases
  • 2006: Nightwatching

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