Peter Hertel (chess)

Peter Hertel (* 15. March 1958 in Cuxhaven) is a German large master in remote chess and a FIDE master in the tournament chess.

remote chess

1977 began Hertel with remote chess. 1983 he became German junior master, 1984 reserved he in this discipline the second seat. In the Bertl of Massow Gedenkturnier it reached a result of 8 from 14 and received for it the title of international remote chess masters.

With the German crew it won 1995-98 the 4.Europameisterschaft. With the BdF-50-Einladungsturnier 1995-2002 it reserved the divided first seat. It had already fulfilled the large master standard to 1999, became it large master in remote chess here. In the year 2005 he became at board 1 for Germany easily olympia winner.

At the beginning of of 2006 it occupied the 14.Platz of the ICCF with the Elo number of 2666 - world rank list.

tournament chess

lively by the match of the century between Fischer and Spasski began Hertel 1972 with that games of chess. 1995 he became FIDE master. it fulfilled a in standard to 2001 in Cuxhaven. Its current Elo number amounts to 2250 (conditions July 2005).


by occupation is Hertel Postzusteller.


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