Peter Hussing

Peter Hussing (* 15. May 1948 in breaking brook/victory) is a German Schwergewichtsboxer.

Peter Hussing is 16 facher of German masters (in series of 1969 - 1983 and once 1985). Its first approach on an European championship it undertook 1969 in Bucharest. There it became European championship third. With the olympic plays 1972 in Munich it fought for the bronze medal. 1971 with the European championships in Madrid and 1973 in Belgrade he became vice-European champion in each case. It was one of the favorites with the European championship 1975 in Kattowitz. There it was subject however to Poland Andrzej Biegalski by heavy KO.

With the European championships 1979 in Cologne then its largest success succeeded to it - it became European champion. 1982 in Munich it became again world championship - third.

Peter Hussing works today as a construction supervisor in a Siegener company. It is socially very engaged for cancer-ill children.


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