Peter Joseph von Lindpaintner

Peter Joseph (of) Lindpaintner (* 9. December 1791 in Koblenz; † 21. August 1856 in nun horn at the Bodensee) was a German composer and conductor


Peter Joseph von Lindpaintner worked from 1812 to 1819 as a director of music at at that time the again created Isartortheater in Munich. Afterwards it was up to its death Hofkapellmeister in Stuttgart. Stuttgart opera orchestras became in the years of his line one of the most important opera orchestras in Germany. He attained larger admittingness particularly by his operas, from those particularly the mountain king (1825), which were very popular to Genueserin ( 1839 ) and Liechtenstein (1846) at the public. As further vowel works originate several Oratorien, fairs and songs from its feather/spring. Beyond that Lindpaintner Symphonien, Ouvertüren , concerts , chamber music , Melodramen and ballet composed.


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