Peter Kauffold

Peter Kauffold (* 19. August 1937 in Magdeburg) is an animal breeding researcher and was a Minister for nutrition, land and forestry of the GDR.

After the Abitur Kauffold studied 1954 - 1960 biology at the University of Rostock. From 1960 to 1990 he worked on the research center for livestock production stupid peat - Rostock of the academy of the agriculture, until 1966 in the area of the Oozytendiagnostik, until 1974 on the research project “nutrition of high speed cows” and until 1982 as a director/conductor of the working group Zytologi bases of the embryo transfer. Starting from 1983 he was director/conductor of the research project “biology of maturing and fertilization with mammals” and 1986 -1990 directors/conductors of the department of applied Embryologie. In September 1989 he became a professor of the academy of the agriculture.

On January 1990 Kauffold joined the SPD . From March to the 3. October 1990 he was a delegate of the people chamber and starting from April parliamentary undersecretary of state, deputy Minister and of 16. August to 3. October Minister for nutrition, land and forestry.

Afterwards it was until February 1993 as a state parliament delegate of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania of chairmen of the agriculture committee and deputy chairmen of the SPD faction. Starting from 1993 he was a director of the research institute for the biology of agricultural utilizable animals Dummerstorf Rostock. In November 1998 he became a Minister for education, science and culture of the federal state government Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.


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