Peter Knorr

Peter Pit Knorr (* 1939 in Salzburg) is a GermanAustrian Kabarettist, Satiriker and an author.

Already 1945 as a child after Steinatal in Hessen and thus to Germany arrived, studied Knorr in Heidelberg history, politics and Germanistik. Since its pupil time Knorr cooperated in various pupil and student magazines. In Heidelberg he found the ironing board “, with which he 1962 and 1963 in each case the 1 also to the Politkabarett as a member of the student ensemble „. Price citizens of Berlin of the Kabarett festival won. Large success made it possible „nose-learns “to make the Kabarett the occupation and move from the province to Berlin, where Knorr functioned temporarily as a managing director of the Kabaretttheaters, which he gave up however immediately again.

1969 were engaged Knorr with the satire magazine Pardon in Frankfurt/Main, where he up to the door 1972 among other things with Robert Gernhardt and Chlodwig Poth co-operated. Knorr applies today like these as a joint founder of the new Frankfurt ones school.

Into the 1970ern Knorr for different public radio institutes worked, predominantly for the hessian broadcast. Together with Gernhardt and also Bernd express ore satire programs developed and - for series later such as South Pole girl, Dr. Seltsams Sundays assortment, hearing pipe to combat, radio ABC and Help , which ran first in the night program, but partly also found their way on the long playing record clear.

Soon Knorr had and its fellow combatant, jokeful the “group of GEC so mentioned”, also the opportunity to fall back to the television as an expression sign. 1975 developed so for example for the HR the tenth-hasty Comedyserie Dr. Muffels Telebrause, for the southwest radio of the two-divisors of the Forellenhof - a new film to old pictures (however never one radiated) and 1983 a poet meeting or the attendance of the old box.

1979 were Knorr one of the main mainsprings behind the establishment of the magazine Titanic. Together with express ore and Gernhardt he in the 1980ern and 1990ern in addition Gags devised among other things for Otto Waalkes and its film and television productions.

Today Peter Knorr in Frankfurt and on Mallorca lives.


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