Peter Lühr

Peter Lühr (* 3. May 1908 in Hamburg, † 15. March 1988) was a German actor.

For its embodiment of Samuel Becketts control rooms on Godot in the direction of George Tabori as well as Thomas Holtzmann to the resident of Munich chamber plays it was invited 1984 to the citizen of Berlin theatre meeting.

A further invitation to the theatre meeting it harvested 1987, than it transferred the main role together with Sunnyi Melles in the direction of Dieter thorn to William Shakespeares Troilus and Cressida.

Likewise in a thorn production he spoke before his death still the Zueignung in Goethe's fist I with large Kraft, in the filming in the year after aged briefly then already played the role Rolf Boysen.

As a synchronous speaker it borrowed and others Michael Gough (king love), Laurence Olivier (Hamlet) its voice.

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