Peter Lely

two ladies of the family Lake, around 1650

Sir Peter Lely, eigentl. Pieter van the Faes, (* 14. September 1618 in Soest with Utrecht, † 30. November 1680 in London) was a British painter of Netherlands origin.


with 19 years became Lely of 1637 pupils with Pieter de Grebber in Haarlem. With endorsement of its teacher de Grebber it also the Lukasgilde could join.

1643 went to Lely to Great Britain and established themselves 1647 in London . Already soon it was everywhere in the discussion, since it arranged its Portraits completely in the style Anthonis van Dycks. Since van Dyck had died some years ago, Lely with its pictures closed a large gap. Therefore Lely probably also the membership was offered to the old-venerable company OF Painter Stainers.

With the time Lely, together William Dobson, became one the prominent Portraitisten of the English revolution under olive Cromwell and the following rulers. 1651 applied Lely for the organization of different Wandmalereien in Whitehall.

Later king Charles II. appointed ten years. Lely to its official yard painter. One year later, 1662, was lent Lely the British nationality. In the years 1666 to 1667 Lely created a series of Portraits of different yard ladies; today The Windsor Beauties still admits under the title. Nearly at the same time a further Portraitserie of admirals, The Flagmen developed.

1679 became Lely of king Charles II. personally to the knight struck. Already one year later died Sir Peter Lely at the age of 62 years.

After its strongly Netherlands affected phase Lely at the age arrived at a solved free mark technology. Beside many pupils Lelys is here representing for all Nicolas de Largillière mentioned.



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