Peter Liebers

Peter Liebers (* 16. April 1988 in Berlin) is a German ice art runner.

Peter Liebers with the German championships 2006 in Berlin with the cure Peter

Liebers starts here for the sports club Berlin and trains with Romy Austria, then with Jürgen Bertko and now with Viola Stiegler.

Peter Liebers is son of Kerstin and Mario Liebers and is the brother of Martin Liebers. Father and brother are ice art runners.

In July 2005 it suffered an injury, tear of the transverse volume of the jump joint, with the Dreifachaxelwettspringen with Stefan lime tree man during a 12-tägigen of training course with Valentin Nikolajev. Starting from September 2005 he could train again.

Peter Liebers with the German championships 2006 in Berlin with the short cure with

the German championships 2006 it showed a fantastic short program here, for which it received 58.86 points despite fall. The program was choreographically very sophisticated. In the cure it could do the intermediate 3. Rank do not hold, because of some uncertainties with difficult jumps, like the three-way Axel.

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  • 2004 - 5. Rank
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  • 2006 - 5. Rank (without foreign participants)


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