Peter Minuit

Peter Minuit (erroneous way of writing: Min new CCIT), *zwischen 1585 and 1594 in Wesel, duchy Kleve, † in August 1638 before pc. Christopher (westIndian islands), sailor, alleged founder of New York.

Peter Minuit was born between 1585 and 1594 in Wesel (duchy Kleve). Its father was with large probability of the 1584 in Wesel as wealthy new citizens a mentioned, wallonische reformed faith refugee Jean Minuit. Jean Minuit preferred the exile of the Spanish catholic suppression by the habsburgischen governors in the Netherlands .

The naming “min new CCIT” is an additional Eindeutschung of the originally French name Minuit (midnight), for which contemporary vouchers are missing. In Wesel Minuit, which by the marriage with a woman from rich house and an inheritance had arrived at substantial prosperity, worked among other things as a businessman and as a honorary deacon of the reformed municipality. In the year 1615 it is however occupied as Diamantschleifer in the Dutch Utrecht.

The years after lie to a large extent in the dark. In the early 20's 17. Century must have occurred Minuit however the service of the Netherlands west India company (WIC). The WIC had been created few years before for the development of the Netherlands colony Nieuw Nederland with national support, lain in the range today's New York. Before its first America travel in services of the WIC, which he began 1625, it for preparation longer time in Amsterdam will have be surely, where the center of the WIC was. 1625 applied Minuit then on behalf the WIC into the small colony capital Nieuw Amsterdam , in order to take part there in the search for Bodenschätzen. 1626 it was sent again after an intermediate stay in Holland to Nieuw Amsterdam. Now its order read however, Willem Verhulst, the there incapable governor of the colony Nieuw Nederland to replace. The learned buyer proved fate in this task and provided rapidly for a substantial population and economic growth of the colony. In handling the indigenen population Minuit proved for time at that time an unusual projecting gift.

As founders new Yorks cannot really be considered Peter Minuit however despite its earnings/services, since he removed only a colony already existing. Also for the famous purchase Manhattans of the Algonkin - it gives no sufficient proofs to Indians by Minuit. After plots against Minuit these 1632 of the WIC as a governor one recalled. A following scandal process led to an alienation Minuits from its former employers. As consequence from this alienation Minuit operated colonial plans in northeast America now for the Swedish Skeppskompaniet (sports club). Starting from 1638 Minuit tried then the Delaware - River in direct competition to its former employer the Swedish colony new fact Swediae new Sweden in the neighbourhood Nieuw Nederlands to establish. Still in the August of the same yearly Minuit probably came with a storm before the Caribbean island pc. Christopher (westIndian islands) around the life.

The Swedish colony created by Minuit became 1655 under governor Petrus Stuyvesant Netherlands, 1664 conquered the Englishmen then the Netherlands colony and designated Nieuw Amsterdam in New York over. For a long time Peter Minuit was to a large extent forgotten. Only in the course of an increasingly national historiography starting from center 19. Century the colonial pioneer was rediscovered and also instrumentalisiert. Illustrations Minuits date only from this time, likewise to today persistent myths over its role as alleged founders new Yorks and the purchase the Manhattans. More interesting than these unproven acts is its behavior give over the natives, who it met with respect. The fact that with primarily profit-oriented buyers and colonial pioneers such as Minuit however also the extermination of the Indians and the destruction of the original fauna took such as Flora their beginning cannot remain unmentioned nevertheless. In Wesel (on the Moltkestrasse) is today still another monument for Minuit, in New York reminds Peter Minuit Plaza, a small park in Manhattan, still of Stadtgründer.

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to literature there most sources out of the term of office Minuits as a director of the colony Nieuw Nederland, gives it to it no comprehensive respectable biography. Older biographies are to a large extent speculative. A Kurzbiographie with consideration of the this-ready source situation at present only is:

  • Tobias Arand, Peter Minuit from Wesel - a rheinischer overseas buyer in 17. Century; in: Beautiful new world. Rhine countries conquer America, Hg. v. Rheini open air museum and federal state museum for Volkskunde in Kommern, Opladen 2001, 13-42


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