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Peter Pan is the main figure of some child stories of James Matthew Barrie and there the only child, which will never arise. Peter Pan lives in the Nimmerland (English. Neverland), a fictitious island. He is leader of the “lost young” (engl: The draws to Boys), oneGroup of children. Their largest enemy is Captain Hook, a Pirat with a hook in place of a hand, which became to abgebissen him from a crocodile.

Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens, London

Peter Pan stepped for the first time 1902 in the book The Little WhiteBird up, and became then 1904 very successfully in the piece of stage Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow UP (Peter Pan, or the boy, who will not arise wanted (or one did not arise), for premiere in London to 28. December 1904) uses. 1906became the section of Little White Bird, when independent book publishes Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Arthur Rackham illustrated this expenditure. 1911 adapt Barrie the material of the piece of stage for the narration Peter and Wendy, those today usually under the title Peter Pan one publishes.

In Barries history becomes Peter of the flying small Fee „Glöckchen “ (engl: Tinkerbell, in other translation also „nose-point “or „sounding sound “) accompanied and meets an at night on a trip to London to the girl Wendy Darling. It takes Wendy and her brothers John andMichael also in the Nimmerland, where Wendy for Peter and the lost takes over young a master role. All together experience a set of adventures. But the Darling children homesickness finally feel and miss their parents, so that Peter returns them. Also the lost become young by the Darlingsadopted.

In the Kensington Gardens in London stands a statue of Peter Pan.

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Neverland is the main action place of the novellaof Barrie, a place, at which children will never arise. Here live Elfen, Piraten, Indians, sea virgins and naturally children. In Neverland one must believe only in something, so that it happens. There is a rule in Neverland:„Become large and of age, but remain in yoursInternal one always a child. “


to performances

gives many different musical interpretations of Peter Pan. The most important are: The version of Jerome core 1924, Leonard amber 1950 and the version of Jerome crawl in of 1954. In addition it givesstill the German stage version written by Erich Kästner. In theatre performances Peter Pan was mostly played by young women.


Peter Pan became repeated indication trick - and material films adapts. One of the more well-known Zeichentrickfilme originates from Disney from the year 1953. One of the most popular material filmings, Hook from the year 1991, is actually a continuation to well-known history and is concerned with the adult Peter Pan, who was played here by Robin Williams. In the only German television filming of 1962 child star Michael Ande slipped intothe title part, Wendy was differently played by Helga .

2003 gave it a filming, which strove for a reality-faithful conversion of the book, with Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan and Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook. Apart from a hardly well-known Russian version this was thosefirst cinema version, in which a boy transferred the main role, not an adult.

2004 were concerned the film if dreams to fly learn (Finding Neverland) from Marks of Forster with the developing history of the piece.

selection some Peter Pan filmings

  • 1924 - Peter Pan(1924)
  • 1952 - Peter Pan (1953)
  • 1960 - Peter Pan (1960)
  • 1962 - Peter Pan (1962)
  • 1976 - Peter Pan (1976)
  • 1991 - Hook
  • 2000 - Peter Pan (2000)
  • 2003 - Peter Pan (2003)
  • 2004 - if dreams to fly learn (Finding Neverland)


Peter Pan embody the innocence and the Sorglosigkeit of the childhood, the desire at imaginary and often violent adventures, without providing or understanding for genuine risks and genuine wrong. During all other children this experience world (embodies by the Nimmerland) leave sometime and arisebecome, Peter Pan will not arise and never changes.

The end of the novel version shows thereby a Zwiespältigkeit clearly: Peter can only retain its childlikeness thereby, remain unchanged only by the fact that he forgets everything else, variable one, already soon, even if it him very importantlywas. When it meets Wendy again after one year, it does not remember any longer Captain Hook and not even at Glöckchen, which in the meantime, as the reader experiences, probably died. Also he forgets Wendy soon, and as he finally nevertheless again returns, is Wendygrown-up and has even a daughter, who takes its place as a Peter's „nut/mother “.

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sound an English law (section 301, copyright, Design and of patent act 1988) enjoys Peter Pan in Great Britain an eternal copyright. The rights holds since 1929the child hospital Great Ormond Street hospital Children's Charity.

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