Peter Pasetti

Peter Pasetti (* 8. July 1916 in Munich, † 23. May 1996 in Diessen) was a German actor.

Pasetti studied play and music. Its first film already turned it 1940 (Ms von Barnhelm). A further role in “Venus before court” followed, then interrupted the 2. World war its film career. For the first time it participated again 1948 under the direction of Heinz resting man into “the copper wedding” beside Hertha Feiler and Hans Nielsen , it followed and. A. “The gentleman of the other star” (1948) or “you is not alone” (1949). Into the 1950er to years acted Pasetti and. A. 1953 as as per. Dacano beside Hans Albers in “Jonny saves Nebrador” or was 1957 as Dr. Shrubs beside Gertrud Kückelmann in the DEFA - to see film “gaming house affair”. Since years Pasetti beside the theatre work had concentrated the 1960er particularly on the television.

Here it worked in innumerable productions with (the old person, Derrick, the Kriminalmuseum). Pasetti synchronized among other things Humphrey kind of bending in “we are not angels”, Gary Cooper in “whom the hour strike”, Orson Welles into “the lady of Shanghai” or also John Wayne in “Piraten in the Caribbean sea”. In addition, young people was above all its voice well-known, which it in the famous radio play row “the three???“borrowed to the storyteller , Alfred Hitchcock. Almost cult status enjoys its role as Skeletor in the radio play series of Masters OF the university verses.

Into the 1970ern one saw it as Santarin in the Simmel filming “and Jimmy went to the rainbow” (1971) or 1977 as Gaspardi into “the Chinese miracle”. Since the 1960er and 1970er years dedicated itself Pasetti beside its work with the theatre increases to the television and became rapid a popular actor on the screen. Here it participated in innumerable TV-series like “in the green beach of the Spree “(1960), “the old person”, “Derrick”,” the Kriminalmuseum " or “scene”, in addition, for example in pieces like “Jacobowsky and the Colonels” (1967) or “beautiful Weekend, Mr. Bennett " (1980) he was to be seen. It acted last 1991 as a welfare practical man in the TV-play “the break - the history of a miracle healing”.

Besides was Pasetti involved in innumerable, partially legendary radio play productions like the three??? and the shearing LOCK of cross-beam - number of the BR. Also the Rezitation felt obligated Pasetti - in such a way he e.g. rezitierte. in the 70's Erich Kästner to modern jazz music.

films (selection)

  • “Venus before court” 1941
  • “the gentleman of the other star”, 1948
  • “the copper wedding”, 1948
  • “you are not alone”, 1949
  • “Clivia”, 1950
  • “0 o'clock 15, room 9”, 1950
  • “sensation in San Remo”, 1951
  • “homesickness after you”, 1952
  • “come up Mach your Fensterl”, 1953
  • “Jonny saves Nebrador”, 1953
  • “one night in Venice”, 1953
  • “the red prince”, 1953
  • of “people in love - summer in love”, 1954
  • “your mouth promises me love”, 1954
  • “three of the Varieté”, 1954
  • “of people in love”, 1954
  • “Clivia”, 1954
  • “girl with future”, 1954
  • “your mouth promise me love”, 1954
  • “the red prince”, 1954
  • “the Frontgockel” 1955
  • “gaming house affair”, 1957
  • at the green beach of the Spree “, 1960
  • “the time of the innocent ones”, 1964
  • the Hexer “, 1964
  • “life like the princes”, 1966
  • “Jakubowsky and the Colonel “, 1966
  • “Palace hotel”, 1969
  • “mourning must carry Elektra”, for 1970
  • “La Pacifista”, 1970
  • “and Johnny went to the rainbow”, 1971
  • “the Chinese miracle”, 1977
  • the old person - the detective ", 1980
  • “the return of the time machine”, 1983
  • “emerald”, 1983
  • “history of the good old gentleman. .schönen girls”, 1985
  • “parting conception”, 1985
  • the Black Forest hospital “, 1985
  • “black red gold: Black coffee ", 1988

radio plays

  • the three??? (Studio Europe, Quickborn with Hamburg, today BMG)
  • of Masters OF the university Universities of (Skeletor)
  • shearing LOCK of cross-beam & Dr. Watson - the largest cases, as radio play of the Bavarian broadcast
  • shearing LOCK of cross-beam (Studio Europe, Quickborn with Hamburg, today BMG - 1983)

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