Peter Schamoni

Peter Schamoni (* 27. March 1934 in Berlin) is a German film director and producer.

Schamoni, a son of the film scientist and - pioneer Victor Schamoni and originates from a proper “film family”: Its brothers Thomas and Ulrich became likewise well-known directors. Already in the infancy Schamoni with the film and the stage came into contact. It studied literature and theatre history in Munich and was first Regieassistent at the national theatres in Stuttgart and Munich, before it took over first own public works.

Schamoni became with more than 30 play and documentary films admits. Among them many cinematic approximations to well-known personalities, in particular also at screen end artists such as peace realm hundred-one hundred, are Niki de Saint Phalle, Caspar David Friedrich or the Surrealisten max Ernst, over which it turned partly directly several films.

Against all presumptions is not related it to that Hamburg musician Rocko Schamoni.

films (selection)

  • Moscow 1957 (Kurzfilm, 1957)
  • close time for foxes (feature, 1966)
  • hundred-one hundred rain day (documentary film, 1973)
  • spring info. never (1982)
  • max Ernst: My vagabonding - my unrest (documentary film, 1991)
  • Niki de Saint Phalle: Who is the monster - you or I? (Documentary film, 1996)
  • majesty need sun (1999; Documentary film over emperors Wilhelm II.)
  • Daniel of the Zauberer (feature over and with Daniel Küblböck, 2004)


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