Peter Schneider (right scientist)

Peter Schneider (* 1920 in Zurich; † 23. July 2002) was a Swiss right scientist, who was active after 1949 in Tübingen as well as professor for public right in Mainz and as rector and a president of the Johannes good mountain university Mainz.


Peter Schneider attains a doctorate 1948 to the Dr. iur. at the University of Zurich with Dietrich Schindler with a right-philosophical work over Ignaz Paul Vitalis Troxler. After 1949 he is a scientific assistant with Carlo forges at the University of Tübingen and director/conductor of the Leibniz Kollegs, with a work over Carl Schmitt habilitiert he 1955 for general state teachings, public law, international law and philosophy of law and becomes 1956 tidy professor for public right in Mainz. There he is selected 1969 on the high point of the student movement to the rector of the university and engages themselves in this office in the debate around the university reform, its legal organization and the practical conversion. He is a last rector of the University of Mainz after the old university condition and from 1974 to 1980 first president after the new Act concerning universities giving, with which the group university arranged into specialist areas is introduced.

writings (selection)

person and office Mainz: Johannes Gutenberg bookshop Kohl, 1980
right and power Mainz: of hare and charcoal burner, 1970
Pressefreiheit and public security Mainz: of hare and charcoal burner, 1968
the questionableness of the right in the work by Friedrich Duerrenmatt Karlsruhe: C. F. Mueller, 1967
legal ones and political aspects of the LV criminal processes Mainz: Johannes Gutenberg university, 1967
legal opinions to the convention over the establishment of the institute second German television Mainz: Second German television, information and press department, 1965
state of emergency and standard: a study to the legal doctrine by Carl Schmitt Stuttgart: German publishing house, 1957
Ignaz Paul vitally Troxler and the right: a study for the proof of the meaning of romantic ideas for the development of the Swiss Federal State Zurich: Schulthess, 1948

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