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Sir Peter Alexander (of) Ustinov (* 16. April 1921 in Swiss Cottage, Camden, London; † 28. March 2004 in Genolier (canton Waadt/CH)) was 1. a writer, 2. an actor and a director, 3. political humans (in this order loudits own representation). It was from 1992 to 2004 Chancellor of the renowned British University OF Durham.

Peter Ustinov called itself once a “practicing European”, it was the example for a citizen of the world.

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Sir Peter Ustinov came of to an international family and buildup viersprachig. Its nut/mother (NadjeschdaLeontievna Benois) was a French Bühnenbildnerin and costume draftswoman of Russian origin, his grandfather the architect Louis Benois. Its father (Jona Ustinov) was an officer in the tsarist Russian army, but German citizen, late Presseattaché of the German message in London and during 2. World war(after the discord with Ribbentrop) British feeler gauge. To his origin Peter Ustinov always said, it was “in pc. Petersburg witnessed, in London born and in Swabian Gmünd baptized ". Over his father the actor is by the way related far away to the Swedish tenor Nicolai Gedda.

Ustinovit hated elite school Westminster left with 16 years and completed at London Theatre Studio schauspielerische training. With 17 years it arose in its first theatre role. But it was limited already at this time not to the looking plaything, but written own pieces of stage. Already 1939 were uraufgeführt its first work The Bishop OF Limpopoland. With 19 years he married 1940 the actor colleague Isolde Denham. In the same year a first small Filmrolle, considered larger then 1942 in The a Goose step Out followed. After it from 1942 to 1945Soldier was, led he 1946 with the film School for Secrets for the first time direction.

1950 it became divorced from Isolde Denham; 1954 he married the actress Suzanne Cloutier, the nut/mother of its children Pavla Ustinov, Igor Ustinov and Andrea Ustinov. Afterthe divorce 1971 he married the authoress Hélène you Lau d'Allemans, with which he lived together finally 31 years long in the own house in Bursins at the Geneva lake.

It did not become a broad public by its character roles in Quo Vadis, we is angels and Spartacusadmits. Successful was also the Agatha Christie - filmings, in which he embodied the Belgian master detective Hercule Poirot. Last it was to be admired in October 2003 in the film Luther as Friedrich of the way. Ustinov did not have fears of contact to take over for the television roles. Was personally more important to itits creativity as writers and a film script author. It brought it on nine film scripts, more to than eleven novels and telling volumes as well as over 20 plays, at the most well-known “Beethovens tenth”. As large connoisseurs of classical music he produced operas in Berlin, Salzburg, London, Paris and Moscow.

For its role as sarkastischer slave traders in Spartacus and for those Arthur Simpson in the gauner comedy Topkapi he received ever a OSCAR as best Nebendarsteller. Many further honors followed. 1989 it, as one of altogether 15 foreigners, became into thoseFrench Académie of the Beaux kind (academy of the beautiful arts) taken up. 1990 it became by the British queen Elizabeth II. ennobled. It kept last at the beginning of 2004 the Hans price for people communication of Bremen.

Ustinov was as outstanding storytellers likes. He understood it, its appearances, Conférencento pepper and interviews with many humor and numerous stories. But beside the artist Ustinov stood always also engaged humans Ustinov. Since 1968 he was an Ambassador of the UN children's relief organization UNICEF. Already before, at the beginning of the 1950er years, joined Ustinov the Weltföderalisten and officiated of1991 up to its death 2004 as a president of its international organization, the World Federalist Movement. Loud he said his opinion to political questions, last in March 2004 as Mitaufrufer to the Ostermarsch of the peace movement in German Ramstein, an US-American military base with many “tactical”atomic Sprengköpfen accommodates.

Since the year 2000 institutes for prejudice research developed on its initiative in Budapest and in the British Durham. Together with the university and the city Vienna he based at the 11. August 2003 the appropriate German-language Sir Peter Ustinov Institut, andheld there also lectures. The Stiftungsprofessur was occupied for the first time in the summer semester 2004, with professor Dr. med. Dr. phil. Refuge Eberhard judge.

Was from 1992 to his death Peter Ustinov Chancellor of the University OF Durham, where also a college after him designatedbecame.

Ustinov, which suffered for years at diabetes and Ischias, was last dependent on the wheelchair. That did not prevent it by any means, like the reporter of the FAZ reported to produce much agil and mobile its “appearance” before the medium representative. It died to 28. March 2004, inOlder of 82 years, in a private hospital in Genolier with Geneva at heart failure.

from ring-back signals

the Munich boulevard newspaper “time” meant in the ring-back signal: The smile will remain strongest for us in the memory. This small, cunning face expression, with that the eyes always a littlemore to know seemed, than the mouth said degrees. It was probably this quiet, never rumbling humor, that humans in such a way loved at the large Sir Peter Ustinov. All too seriously take, radiated only nothing he out… The affection, which against-struck it everywhere, in assistance hasfor others umgemünzt.

The FAZ wrote 30. March 2004: It… one was the rare Allrounder with European basis and Hollywood covering: a multi-talent always increasing in body and POINT EN and joke extent…




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quotations, Bonmots

Wikiquote: Peter Ustinov - quotations
  • “the terrorism is a war arms against realms.
    The war is a terrorism that realms against arms. “
  • Question: Is “what to stand once on your gravestone? ”
    Answer by Peter Ustinov: “Request the lawndo not enter. “
  • It is of fundamental importance to learn each year more than in the year before it.
  • I am a unbelehrbarer and militant optimist. In order to be no nincompoop, must an optimist however know, what for a sad place can be the world. Only one pessimistthe day after day finds on the new raus. Can reasonable humans afford at all to be pessimist? That was nevertheless a luxury for less complicated times.
  • Already very early I had worked as Stimmenimitator, an art, which I me on instinktiv unorthodoxKind approached. Finally I had begun to imitate a parrot which is unusual, since a parrot is to usually imitate humans. If one seizes the initiative, nothing else remains for the parrot to be as he which proves again once that attack the bestDefense is.
  • In my all first criticism from a larger newspaper it stood that “Peter Ustinov played the role of the Pedrosa with appropriately dark restraint”. That was a large instant for me; retrospectively even more largely, than I could at that time be dreamed. Never again someone has medarkly or reservedly mentioned.
  • In the course of in the afternoon the Colonel of my battalion arrived. He spoke rarely louder than in the whispering clay/tone, and its head rose up in such an strange angle out of its uniform that one from the side the name of its cutter in the jacketto read could. It had the strangely prähistorische appearance of a confused turtle, and I could not erwehren myself the feeling that this Gentleman, if we were entangled ever in its presence into fights would disappear with difficulties simply in its uniform, to the storm itself puthad.
  • The success, which does not come as willingly as a zahme Hauskatze, is most beautiful, but which one must force and to control learn like a wild horse.
  • A lady, those in this house many obviously bitter experiences collected and me under their roomy wings takenhad, white me again and again into the customs of this institution in: I should roar, threaten and rave. I could not respond however to its instructions, since rage from my Naturell overcomes me so rarely that I can never use it tactically.
  • Old, wise menin long fights it created it to rediscover itself despite temptations and like that it is not a miracle that they close gladly with children friendship. They have one together: itself. Yet, were the others did not lose themselves the one again.
  • I placedto me forwards, as Olivier drove in a sports car in foremost place, however always saw into the rear view mirror and saw Laughton, said “I can you catch up whenever I wants.” [To the rivalry between the actors Laurence Olivier and Charles Laughton during the turning work too Spartacus.]

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