Peter Wust

Peter Wust (* 28. August 1884 in Rissenthal, Saarland; † 3. April 1940 in Münster) was a German Christian existence philosopher.

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born as the first of 11 children in the Saarland Rissenthal, a local part of lot home, in the circle Merzig, visited Peter Wust first the einklassige elementary school of its place of residence, then the Friedrich William High School in Trier.

Starting from 1907 mass in Berlin and Strasbourg Germanistik , Anglistik and philosophy studied. It was active as teachers in Berlin , Neuss , Trier and Cologne and attained a doctorate 1914 it at the University of Bonn.

Under the influence max of Schelers approached mass, which was at the beginning of convinced Neukantianer, the Christian Existenzialismus. With this change also the contacts with the Renouveau played a catholique role. 1928 made mass in Paris and. A. the acquaintance with Georges Bernanos, Léon Bloy, Paul Claudel and Jacques Maritain.

1930 it was appointed as a philosophy professor to the university in Münster. Here it was active during the national socialism in the church resistance.

Since 1938 Peter Wust at Oberkieferkrebs suffered and died at the age of 56 years at the 3. April 1940 in Münster.

To the few, which concern themselves still intensively today with the thinking of Peter Wust, Professor belongs. Dr. Dr. Werner Schüssler, owner of the chair for philosophy II at the theological faculty Trier. Together with Professor. Dr. F. Werner Veauthier (†) it published 2002 of mass Hauptwerk “uncertainty and venture” in a new treatment (Münster: LIT publishing house).

works (selection)

  • parting word (1940)
  • Auferstehung of the Metaphysik (1925)
  • shapes and thought (1940)
  • humans and philosophy (1934)
  • return from the exile (1926)
  • uncertainty and venture (1937)

today are among other things the Peter mass High School in Wittlich (head master: Michael Forster) and naturally the by far more famous Peter mass High School in Merzig (head master: Heinz Lafontaine) after it designated.


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