Peter van Eyck

Peter Van Eyck, actually Peter Götz von Eick, (* 16. July 1913 in stone resistance/Pommern/Germany; † 15. July 1969 in man village with Zurich in Switzerland) was a German actor.


aftersuccessful Abitur and an unfinished music study, he bereiste numerous countries, among other things it was 1937 in Cuba and remained then in New York as a bar pianist. There and wrote he composed for Revues and Kabaretts. Under Irving Berlin he worked occasionally than production assistant. Orson Welles he was briefly also Regieassistent. When van Eyck accepted a job as a truck driver, he finally came to Hollywood. There it met Billy of savages, whom it could do still from Berlin. This help it to small roles, mainly as an actor of German persons, under itagain mostly Nazis. 1943 it accepted the US-American nationality and also to the army was drawn in.

After end of war it was used in Germany as an US-American control officer for film and remained to 1948 directors/conductors of the film section. Peter van Eyck played now also for the first time in oneGerman production (“hello Ms”) also.

With the film wages of the fear at the side of Yves Montand and Charles Vanel succeeded to it the international break-through. Also in Fritz along last film “the 1000 eyes of the Dr. “(1960) one saw it to Mabuse,that had embodied before so many Nazi officers, then as an American.

films (selection)

title film year director actor
the bridge of Remagen 1969 John Guillermin George Segal, Ben Gazzara
Shalako 1968 Edward Dmytryk Sean Connery, Brigitte bar DOT
Assignment ton of Kill 1968 Sheldon Reynolds Patrick O' Neal, John Gielgud
Tevje and its seven daughters 1968 Menahem GOLEM Shmuel Rodensky
the golden key 1967 Michel Boisrond Frederick Stafford, Annie Duperey
the boss sends his best man 1967 Sergio being Stewart Granger, Daniela Bianchi
Ivar Kreugerthe match king 1966 R. A. Stemmle
career 1966 Pierre Gaspard Huit Mireille Darc, Daniel Gélin
duel before sunset 1965 Leopold Lahola Wolfgang Kieling. Terence Hill
the feeler gauge, that from cold weather came 1965 Martin ride smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Burton , Claire Bloom
the gentlemen 1965 Franz Seitz, Rolf Thiele, Alfred pasture man Mario Adorf, Paul Hubschmid
feeler gauges under itself 1965 Christian Jaque, Werner Klingler, Carlo Lizzani, Terence Young Henry Fonda, Robert Ryan
the death jets of the Dr. Mabuse 1964 Hugo Fregonese O. E. Hate, Yvonne Furneaux
Vengeance 1964 Dene Hylard Melora Conway
password… Heron 1964 Rudolf Jugert Marie Versini, walter Rilla
the large dear play 1963 Alfreds pasture man lily Palmer, Hildegard Knef, Alexandra Stewart
an alibi breaks 1963 Alfreds Vohrer Ruth Leuwerik, Charles Regnier
Scotland yardDr. hunts. Mabuse 1963 Paul May Sabine Bethmann, Dieter Bor, Wolfgang's of price
the longest day 1962 Ken Annakin, Andrew Marton, Bernhard Wicki Arletty, John Wayne, Robert Mitchum
under exclusion of the public 1961 Harald Philipp Marianne cook, EH Bartok
The hour which you are lucky 1961 Rudolf Jugert Ruth Leuwerik, Werner Hinz
the 1000 eyes of the Dr. Mabuse 1960 Fritz long Dawn Addams, Gert Fröbe, Wolfgang's of price
favourite of the Gods 1960 Gottfried Reinhardt Ruth Leuwerik, Harry Meyen
parting from thatClouds 1959 Gottfried Reinhardt O. W. Fischer, Sonja Ziemann
labyrinth 1959 Rolf Thiele Nadja Tiller, Amedeo Nazzari, Elizabeth Flickenschildt
crime after school conclusion 1959 Alfreds Vohrer Heidi Brühl, Corny Collins
the remainder is silence 1959 Helmut Käutner Hardy Krüger, Ingrid Andree
Rommel calls Cairo 1959 Wolfgang sharpens Adrian Hoven, Elizabeth Mueller
of dirty angels 1958 Alfreds Vohrer Corny Collins, Sabine Sinjen
the girl Rosemarie 1958 Rolf Thiele Nadja Tiller, Carl Raddatz
Dr. Crippen lives 1958 Erich of angel Elizabeth Mueller, Fritz Tillmann
the gläserneTower 1958 Harald brown Lilli Palmer, Hannes Messemer
Ardennen 1956 Robert Aldrich Jack Palance, Lee Marvin
Mr. Satan personally! 1955 Orson Welles Orson Welles, Akim Tamiroff
the girl from the third stick 1955 Pierre Gaspard Huit Marina Vlady, Pierre Dux
the latterStage 1954 Robert Siodmak Gina Lollobrigida, Lee Marvin
the invisible net 1954 Nunnally Johnson Gregory Peck, Rita Gam
wages of the fear 1953 Henri Georges Clouzot Charles Vanel, Yves Montand
the third of on the right of 1950 Geza of Cziffra Vera Molnár, Grethe of wise, Oskar Sima
Epilog 1950 Helmut Käutner O. E. Hate, Hans's Christian sheet metal
export in blond 1950 Eugen York René Deltgen, Albrecht beautiful neck
of king children 1950 Helmut Käutner Jenny Jugo, Friedrich of beautiful fields
hello Ms 1949 Rudolf Jugert Margot Hiel, Hans Söhnker
ADDRESS Unknown 1944 William Cameron Menzies Paul Lukas, Carl Esmond
The Imposter 1944 Julien Duvivier Jean Gabin
The Moon is down 1943 Irving Pichel Cedric Hardwicke, Lee J. Cobb

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