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Peter von Matt (* 20. May 1937 in Luzern) is a Swiss Germanist.

Matt, grown up in Stans /Nidwalden, studied Germanistik, Anglistik and history of art in Zurich and attained a doctorate with Emil Staiger over Grillparzer. 1970 it habilitierte itself with a work over E.T.A. Hoffmann. From 1976 to 2002 matte taught as a professor for newer German literature at the University of Zurich. 1980 he was a guest professor to the Stanford University, California, and 1992/93 Fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg to Berlin. Member of the German academy for language and seal Darmstadt, the academy of the sciences Berlin and the Saxonian academy of the arts is matte. It writes regularly contributions for the Frankfurt Anthologie and lives in Zurich.


  • dear betrayal - the perfidious ones in the literature, Munich 1989.
  • The fate of the fantasy. Studies to the German literature, Munich 1994.
  • Verkommene of sons, missratene daughters. Family disaster in the literature, Munich 1995.
  • The suspicious splendour. Over seal and poems, Munich 1998.
  • The ink-blue oath comrades. Over literary and political Switzerland, Munich 2001.
  • Public admiration of the air spirit, Munich 2003.
  • The plot. Theory and practice of the Hinterlist, Munich 2006.


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