Petra Roth

Petra Roth
Petra Roth

Petra Roth (* 9. May 1944 in Bremen) is a German politician of the CDU. It is verwitwet learned physician aid, and has two sons.

After its way course from Bremen Petra Roth stepped into Frankfurt/Main into the CDU. Petra Roth became in Frankfurt/Main first Sozialbezirksvorsteherin and then member of the town council. 1992 to 1995 were it chairman of the party of the CDU Frankfurt.

To 25. June 1995 could intersperse it with the mayor choice against office holder Andreas von Schoeler and became to 5. July 1995 as a first directselected Mrs. Oberbürgermeisterin of the city Frankfurt. In the mayor choice 2001 it won only in the second choice round scarcely against the challenger mayor Achim Vandreike.

The German city day selected it in the year 2003 for two years to the president. This functionalready dressed Petra Roth from 1997 to 1999. As its successor became to 2. June 2005 the resident of Munich mayor Christian Ude selected. Roth than possible successor of Johannes Rau for the office of the Federal President was occasional in the discussion. Them are in the meantime the serve-oldest Frankfurt ones Oberbürgermeisterin of the post-war period.

2001 were appointed it for its earnings/services around the French-German friendship the officer of the French Ehrenlegion.

To their 60. Birthday to 9. May 2004 appeared over 1400 guests. To their Gratulanten among other things Prime Minister Roland cook ( CDU) belonged, to old Federal Chancellor and Frankfurt honour citizen Helmut Kohl, Marcel realm Ranicki and some former Frankfurt mayors. Also that before the deceased Sir Peter Ustinov had to appear announced.

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