Petronio Franceschini

Petronio Franceschini (* 9. January 1651 in Bologna; † 25. January 1681 in Venice) was an Italian composer.

Franceschini studied in its hometown with Lorenzo Perti as well as in Rome. Afterwards it became in Bologna member of the Accademia Filarmonica. 1675 to 1680 it was Cellist of the Kapella of San Petronio, afterwards it lived in Venice.

Franceschini composed four operas, a Oratorium, church-musical works, Canzonetten and several Sonaten (among other things for trumpet).


  • Oronte de Menfi, 1676
  • Arsinoe, 1676
  • Prologo OD Intermedi dell'Arsinoe, 1677
  • Apollo in Tessaglia, 1679
  • several church-musical works (fairs, Motetten, Offertorien, Psalmen, hymns, Litaneien among other things)
  • some Sonaten for several instruments


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